Hessonite Gemstone For Relationship Building


Harmony in personal relationships is an important aspect of happy living and gem therapy aims to harmonize relationships using its all potent gemstones, depending upon the suitability of these stones for different people. One of these gemstones is Hessonite gemstone or Gomed, which is linked with the astrological planet Rahu.

Basically, Rahu is a shadow planet, which lacks a physical existence. But its powerful influences have earned the status of a planet for it in Vedic Astrology. The honey-colored Hessonite gemstone helps to nullify the negative influences caused in the life of the native by an ill-placed Rahu. A high-grade Hessonite gemstone can prove effective for harmonizing this planet and getting its positive results for the native.

Influence of Rahu on Personal Life of the Native

Rahu is the Head of the Dragon and is a powerful karmic planet. This gives results according to the karmas of the previous births of the native during its dasha or period.

It is considered as a malefic planet by nature, which brings confusion, anxiety, and suffering for the native. It makes him violent and aggressive, which can cause a great harm to his personal relations with family, spouse, and friends.

On the other hand, an exalted Rahu brings power and fame to the native, but all these material gains fail to satisfy him. A negative Rahu can make a native selfish, violent, secretive and insensitive towards the feelings of others.

It can even give him suicidal tendencies. All these factors pose a danger to his personal life and relationships. By wearing the potent gemstone Hessonite, the native can do away with all these ill effects of Rahu.

How Hessonite Gemstone Can Bring Positiveness?

A pure Hessonite gemstone ring can neutralize the negative effects of Rahu to a great extent. The action of this powerful gemstone is similar to that of a Blue Sapphire. It can bring sudden results and gains for the wearer, yet it does not suit everyone.

By wearing a Hessonite, the wearer can get rid of mental anxiety and gain self-confidence and clarity of mind, both of which have a positive bearing on his personal life. The wearer of Hessonite stone can feel a positive energy in his whole being and can improve his life to a great extent.

Wearing this stone by both husband and wife can promote marital harmony and mutual understanding. It helps you regain your self-control and get rid of depression. It can give a positive swing to your personal relations.


For Getting excellent results you must be sure to buy a original hessonite in a silver ring. For this purpose, you can procure a certified Hessonite online from a reliable source.

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