Gemstone Certification

Gemstone Certification & Its Importance?

What is Gemstone Certification?

Gemstone certification means to evaluate a piece of stone on the basis of different quality parameter’s which establishes by the gem industry to determine the quality and other characteristics of different gemstones.

A gemstone expert subtly examine or measure the minor details of a stone and issue a detailed report based on the conclusion of gemstone inspection.

The report, which is issued by a gemologist or gemstone expert is referred to as certification report. A gemstone certification report incorporates all measurements and characteristics of a stone evaluated by a trained gem expert.

Why Gemstone Certification is Important?

The need for gemstone certification originates due to the presence of a large number of fake gemstone dealers who used to dodge customers by selling them colored or synthetic gemstone.

Thus, in order to restrict such false practices in future legit gemstone dealers have founded an institute that will particularly research or examine in detail about various aspects of the stones such as color, shape, chemical compositions and treatments.

On the basis of above finding a proper report which incorporates subtle details of a particular gemstone encompassing its weight, carat, color, inclusion, treatments, shape, refractive index, beryllium treatment etc..

Hence, a gem certification report discloses minute details about a gemstone. Thus, a customer who wants to purchase a gemstone should opt for those dealers who offer gemstone certification along with gemstones.

A certified gemstone examines by a trained gem expert. Who meticulously evaluates or inspects a particular stone on different parameters to judge the quality of the gemstone.

Hence, We advise to buy a certified gemstone because it is being analyzed by a trained gemstone expert. Thus stone succeeds on the quality parameter.

Gemstone certificate
GemLab Laboratories Gemstone Certificate

However, nowadays every gemstone seller assures its customer that he/she is selling certified gemstone. Nonetheless, there are only a few legit gemstone sellers who offer legit gem certificate along with gemstone.

Buy Only Certified Stone :

While buying a gemstone a customer should trust on that specific gem seller who guarantees of issuing a certificate. Which is in fact issuing by a third party. Since, certifying own gemstone does not determine whether a stone is real or fake. Because a gem seller may act biasedly in order to sell his stones.

Therefore, third-party certification holds significant importance and a customer should rely heavily on third-party certification.

More importantly, if the gemstone is certified by a reputable gem grading lab. Then the vendor enthusiastically claims about the quality of the stone.

Moreover, to find out whether the stone justifies the price which is charging by gem seller, you can go through a gem certificate. It will disclose every little detail about the gemstone. Which will let you determine whether stone deserves the price which is charging by gem seller or not.


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