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How To Wear Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga)?


Certified Red Coral Gemstone-9Gem

Red Coral stone represents the Planet Mars and also called Praval or Moonga stone. It is a hot gem. This beautiful Red coral gemstone found in the deep oceans of Italia and Japan.

A man having favors of Mars will have free considerations, great landed and immovable property. He will have accomplished in aggressive exams; will have the love for work, clever and sharp minds. He will also have great strong quality.

According to Astrology, In Indian crystal gazing, Moonga stone strengthens Mars (Mangal) and is the Rashi Ratna for Aries (Mesh) and Scorpio (Vrishchik).

Red Coral stone bestows the powers of Mars on its wearer and brings him strength, stamina, certainty and well being. Ascendants of Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, and Cancer can also wear a Red Coral gemstone.

The serious Manglik dosh and mangal dosha causes due to the presence of the planet Mars in problematic houses of your birth chart. However, to avert ill-effects caused due to the planet Mars. One should wear a red coral stone.


Red coral stone is believed by the astrologer to possess all the mystical powers of the Planet Mars within it. And, it uses these divine powers to ward off against the negative energies created by Mars.

Although, many of us are oblivious how to wear the red coral stone. It is prevalent to spot people with confusions such as what is the best day to wear red coral stone?

In which finger red coral stone will suit the most? What is the appropriate time for wearing red coral stone? In which metal red coral stone should be embedded?

These are common questions related to this auspicious stone. Though, in this post, we have answered all the prominent questions commonly asked by the gem wearers.


Q1. How To Wear Red Coral Gemstone?

  • Before wearing a red coral gemstone, one must be aware of the fact that he/she should only enroll themselves to obtain the benefits offered by this planet; if he/she purchases the natural or high-quality red coral stone.
  • Because wearing fake or synthetic coral stone will instead of bringing any positive results to bestow negative results in your life.
  • Therefore, always buy a high-quality red coral stone (Moonga) from a reputed gem dealer.

Q2. What is the right day to wear coral gemstone?

Ans: Tuesday is considered to be the best day to wear this stone.

Q3. In which finger red coral gemstone will suit the most?

Ans: It should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand.


Q4. Method of wearing red coral gemstone?

Ans: On Tuesday morning one should sit in a red color cloth facing the east direction. Wash the coral ring or Moonga ring with either sacred Ganga Jal for five minutes or immerse it in the raw milk (un-boiled) for a night before wearing the stone. The person should wear stone according to body weight (For 10Kg bodyweight need 1 Ratti).

Q5. Which metal to used to wear coral gemstone?

Ans: It should be studded with a gold/copper ring.

Q6. What is the appropriate time for wearing coral gemstone?

Ans: On Tuesday Morning in the first hour of the day (after sunrise).

Benefits of Wearing Coral Gemstones

  • Red coral can help to overcome his enemies.
  • Coral gemstone help to improve the mental health of a person who is suffering from mental depression.
  • The profession such as the army, defense, police, doctors, scientists can reap benefits by wearing this gemstone.
  • Red Coral gemstone provides strong protection again evil eye.
  • Red coral gemstone help in blood-related problems like blood circulation.
  • The coral gemstone also helps in skin related problems.
  • Red Coral helps To strengthen of Marriage and long life of the spouse.
  • The coral gemstone also helps in short temper, irritation, and anger.

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  1. My son 12years old wearing red coral as pendent. Is it fine for him as because of school he can’t wear it on finger. Also whether it can create some acidity problem due to wearing as pendent.

    1. Hello Praaenjit,

      Sometimes astrologer recommends wearing a gemstone as a pendant instead of a ring. But most of the time people wear it as a ring. You can consult with your astrologer if it is ok the wear it as a pendant or not. Let us know for further details you want.

  2. May I know how much ratti or carrat needs in coral moonga pls suggest me and let me know its should be based on the weight & age or else.

    1. First weight is selected on the basis of horoscope reading along with your body weight. Please consult with your astrologer for any recommendations.

  3. Mine is meen rashi n hv angarak yog. Akongwth guru chandal n grahan yog I suffer from rare blood disease. Can I wear moonga…hw much carat fr 73kg weight n 30 yr old

    1. First consult with the doctor and take the proper precautions. Gemstones are just to enhance your efforts to recover from this type of situations. For gem recommendation consult with expert astrologer. He will guide you in proper way for this.

      Red Coral recommended for the blood related issues and people wear stone as per the astrologer’s recommendations.

  4. I bougnt red çoral store from an astrologer but before wearıng ıt ı put It on mılk for a whole nıght and on next mornıng ı found the çolour of the stone became mılky IT losed ıts orıgınıal colour when ı asked abt thıs to that astrologer he replıed IT should not be kept ın mılk for the whole nıght….. So ı dont know what ıs wrong n what ıs rıght…… I m afraıd as of the stone ıs orıgınal or not… Poz guıde me ın thıs regard

    1. In order to perform this test take a glass of milk. Now put your red coral stone in it. Since the red color of the stone will be radiated and will be absorbed by the milk. Due to this the color of the milk will change indicating an authentic Red Coral.

  5. Dear sir
    one of my astrologer suggested me to wear red coral on my right hand index finger as per my astrological data. I had bought red coral stone from him (from italy) of 3.21 carrot. Mine is kanya rashi and hasta nakshatra.
    time : 9:12 am place:Mangalore.
    whether I can wear this stone on my index finger or I should only wear it in my right hand ring finger. Pl let me know.

    1. Please follow the instructions from your astrologer. He may have suggested this on the basis of your birth-chart readings.

  6. Hi..! Am Priya I’ve mangal dosha so in which hand and finger should be wear please guide me. Am little confuse about it

    1. You need to consult with the expert astrologer before wearing stone. We will not be able to help you in this as this part is done by the astrolgoers, we can guide you in stone selection as per your requirements.

  7. sir
    pandit ji give me red monga nag on sunday morning at 12 pm by RS 1300 but i not agree with him & final decided for 600 rs again i have not agree & last paid 110 rs & said to me, this give positive energy if wearing this. but i have kept this red monga nag in temple.

    please give me replay its wear or not


    1. Do you get the gem certificate? Do you know about the origin of the stone and weight? Also i am not sure about the price as natural gemstones are not so much cheap in price.

  8. I have natural red coral duly energized by performing puja. I have changed the ring which had some issue. Do I have to follow the procedure to wear on Tuesday

  9. Sir namoskar can u suggest me can i wearing red coral gems stone on Sunday in gurupurnima day please give me right path . I also wearing pukhraj gems stone in index finger so it how combination it is please give me suggestion .. Thank q

    1. You can wear red coral and yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone together. The perfect time to wear coral stone is Tuesday morning during the Shukla Paksha.

  10. Hello sir we also buy a red monga nag for my sister and we put in unboiled milk and after that we check the next day its become white so kindly you give us advise is that original or fake monga nag, waiting for your kind response

  11. Hello Sir…. I immersed my red coral ring in un-boiled milk for overnight. But in the morning I have found the red coral is white. It got the color of milk. Now I cannot remove this white color from my red coral.can you please suggest any way how to remove the white layer from red coral. If you kindly reply I will be highly obliged.

    1. 1. Take a cup full of milk and put the gemstone inside it. If the color of the milk has changed towards red, then it is an authentic Red Coral. The Red Corals have a tendency to radiate their color and is absorbed by the milk, hence the slight red color.

      2. Take the gemstone and start rubbing or clicking with fingernail. If the gem makes a glass sound, then it is a fake.

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