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Who Should Wear Hessonite Gemstone?


A variety of Grossularite Garnet, the Hessonite gemstone is light to deep brownish yellow or red-colored gemstone which is also known as Gomed. The Gomed stone represents the planet Rahu which signifies intellect, confusion, foreigners, cheating, gambling, foul language, stealing, etc.

Rahu is believed to be the North Node or the Dragon’s Head and is also known as the bodiless head.

A negative Rahu in a person’s horoscope results in insomnia, lack of focus and concentration as well. It is believed that Rahu’s Dasha runs for 18 years and as per the native’s karma, rewards or punishments are offered by Rahu.

A natural Hessonite gemstone provides the much-needed relief from the malefic effects that Rahu brings. By clearing the mind of confusion, positive Rahu provides stability and delivers positivity. The wearer of hessonite can counter enemies well and get rid of fear and anxiety.

Who should wear Hessonite Gemstone?

If you are in a profession that requires a lot of physical activities, then wearing natural gemstones like Hessonite can prove to be a beneficial decision for you. Those who have Rahu in their 3rd, 6th, 8th, or 12th house should wear a hessonite gemstone

Those who are in the field of army, police, law or journalism should buy hessonite gemstone online. This stone is also great for those who are in politics or people in business and other individuals who have to maintain good public contacts.

What to be aware of if you are wearing Gomed?

  • One of the things that you need to be aware of if you wear a Gomed stone is to eat sensibly as this stone can affect your stomach and excretory system
  • Refraining from anger is absolutely necessary for you if you wear Hessonite
  • The wearer of a Gomed stone should drink more water than what they do otherwise
  • Another word of caution is to not to sleep late at night and set a fixed and good time to sleep every night

How Hessonite shows its effect

When it comes to experiencing the healing properties of Hessonite, the wearer must wear the gem in the form of a ring or pendant. Doing so helps in absorbing the constant vibrating power that the positive Rahu emanates and this power transfers deep to the wearer’s aura.

This makes the aura all the more powerful. And the wearer stays safe from obstacles that can give birth to negative energy. By improving the concentration and boosting the energy of the wearer. Hessonite works wonders.

Benefits of wearing Hessonite

  • Those who are having troubles with enemies or those who have been incurring losses can be benefited by wearing a Hessonite gemstone.
  • Another important benefit that this gemstone offers is that it makes the brain sharper and provides clarity of thought.
  • Those who want to get rid of the malefic effects of Rahu can get immense benefits from this stone
  • Hessonite also helps in getting freedom from fears and worries.
  • One of the most important health benefits of Hessonite gemstone is that it provides relief from stomach related medical conditions.
  • Gomed is beneficial for making the wearer’s body stronger.
  • This gemstone also makes the wearer self-confident.
  • A person having a bad behavior can also be benefited from a Gomed gem.

Always consult with an astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

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