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Gems And Diseases:

Our body is composed of seven colors of the solar spectrum. They are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These are the basic colors, and other shades are made by mixing one or two of these colors. When there is a deficiency of any one of these primary colors in our body, we get attacked by the disease caused by that absence. Gems have the power to keep a balance among these minerals in our body. The suitable gem, which we choose to wear, should touch our body. If we wear a suitable gem, the cosmic rays of the planet related to that particular gem, enter our body through that gem and produce a remedial effect on us and thereby heals our body.

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Influence Of Gems :

Human beings suffer in three ways – physically, mentally and spiritually. Gems help by passing on planetary cosmic rays into the body of the sufferer. For Example: When it is hot sun or rain, we use the umbrella. We cannot stop rain or sun from its heat, but the umbrella protects us from the rain or hot rays of the sun. In the same manner, when we use proper gem, the negative rays of the planets are cleared by it. Thus gemstones act as a shield and guard against the evil influences of the planets.

Planet Gem
Sun Ruby
Moon White Pearl
Mars Red Coral
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Mercury Emerald
Venus Diamond
Saturn Blue Sapphire
Rahu Hessonite
Ketu Cat’s Eye

Healing Powers of the Gems:  Certain gems have wonderful healing powers. Each gem cures certain diseases perfectly. They are:

Diseases Healing Gemstones
Heart Troubles Ruby, Diamond, Emerald
Disorder, Water- Borne Diseases Pearl, Emerald, Yellow sapphire
Jaundice, Tuberculosis, Asthma Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Problems White Coral, Yellow sapphire
Kidney, Reproductive Organs Diamond
Blood circulation, Anemia Red Coral, Lapis Lazuli.
Vatha Roga, Joint Pain Blue Sapphire, Emerald
Skin Diseases, Leprosy Hessonite,
Vomiting, Fever, Drowsiness Cat’s Eye
Diabetes Yellow Sapphire, White Coral
Mental Illness Emerald, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire
Menstrual Troubles Red Coral, Pearl
Migraine Headache Star Sapphire, Jade

In this blog we have described about the choice of appropriate gemstones according to the planetary cosmic rays. Wearing suitable gem does wonders in solving the problems, offers protection from the evil influences of planets and enhances their beneficial effect.

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