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Benefits of Wearing Cats Eye Gemstone

Last updated: October 16, 2018 at 15:14 pm

The cat eye gemstone is a distinct gemstone due to the reason of its offbeat color in comparison to other stones. The second thing that draws the attention to this stone is its association with the dominant planet Ketu that in reality does not have any physical significance in the solar system.

Despite being its absence in the solar panel physically, yet, this planet has conferred the status of one of the most influential Planet by virtue of its fascinating metaphysical properties that has been praised by human beings. This stone is rewarded with the status of the fastest acting planet. By the reason of this, people crave to adopt cat eye stone.

Benefits of wearing cat’s eye gemstone:

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22 thoughts on “Benefits of Wearing Cats Eye Gemstone”

  1. Do I need to wear cats’ eye and its colour and weight? My Dob 18 March 1979, time 11 00 am, place Murum,Osmanabad, Maharashtra

    1. First, you need to check whether you can wear a cats eye stone or not. Take advise from expert astrologer for the same. Wearing gems without recommendation can bring bad luck. We also provide gem recommendation services but services are paid. Please let us know at

  2. Do I need to wear cats’ eye and its colour and weight? My Dob 28 feb 1972, time 12 47 pm, place Kolkata

    1. Please consult with the astrologer and take proper advise. We can only help you in gemstone buying as per your requirements. Also if you want gem recommendation services from our astrologers, you need to contact at Services are chargeable and done by third party astrologers. Mention the “9Gem Blog” when you send your query to given email.

    1. If you are looking for astrological benefits first consult with the astrologer. Let us know about the stone requirements. We are Gemologists and will not help in astrology questions.

  3. Hii I have Aries person in my horoscope ketu Live from starting and I am not achieve any sucess in my career also in my life. Plz tell me is this stone help for me

  4. Plz suggest of how much ratti of cat’s eye one should wear or it should b wear in silver or gold?plz reply as it is very urgent.

    1. It should be between 3 to 5 carats depends upon the weight of the person who is going to wear it. Sometime astrologers suggest the actual weight as per your birth chart readings. So before wearing any stone, please consult with expert astrologer if you are wearing stone for astrology purpose.

    1. NO stones are advised on the basic of birth chart reading. For astrological benefits you need to check which stone will provide me positive feedbacks.

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