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A part of the Chalcedony family, Agate gemstone is a beautiful gem which is call for its stunning stripes or layers. There are a few varieties of this agate stone that have specks of color or eye markings. In fact, some of these stones can also be seen as having solid or fossilized inclusions.

The Agate stone is formed when igneous rock combines with the silica deposits in groundwater. It is the unique color patterns and banding that gives this translucent gemstone its exquisite looks.

Available in a range of colors such as pink, gray, white, black, red, brown and yellow, etc., the stone is a popular choice of gem lovers in this day and age.

This gemstone is known for balancing physical, intellectual and emotional energy. It harmonizes the yin and yang as well and also creates a balance between the positive and negative forces of the universe.

Origin of Agate Stone

The Agate gemstone was initially found by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, around the 3rd or 4th century (BC). The stone has got its name from the Achates River in Sicily, the place where it was discovered first.

Today, this stone can be found in various parts of the world. Some of these sources of origin include places like Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, India, Mexico, Myanmar, Poland, Uruguay and the USA.

Identifying Agate stone

There are several varieties of Agate stone. While some of these stones are the ‘banded’ varieties of chalcedony, you can also come across lighter and uni-colored varieties that are just called chalcedony. It is this abundance of choices that makes it easier for jewelry enthusiasts to pick the agates that suit their preferences the most.

Gemological Properties of Agate stone

Chemical Formula SiO2 – Silicon dioxide
Hardness on the Mohs scale 6.5 – 7
Refractive Index 1.530 – 1.540
Density 2.60 – 2.64
Crystal Structure Microcrystalline Aggregate (Trigonal)
Color Multicolored and banded
Transparency Translucent to Opaque
Double Refraction / Birefringence Up to 0.004
Luster Waxy – dull
Cleavage None
Fluorescence A bit strong, varies according to the bands: Yellow, Blue-White, Green

Properties of Agate Gemstone

Being one of the oldest gemstones in the history, Agates are quite renowned in the world of gemstones. These stones are known for protecting the wearers from stress, anxiety, nightmares and negative energies.

During the biblical times, these stones worn to provide protection from imminent storms and many people still use these stones for this purpose. As a matter of fact, in ancient times, agates were using as talismans and amulets highly valuable.

Placing this agate stone on the solar plexus can also help one get the much-needed freedom from stomach ailments.

The extraordinary energies of Agate stone provides immense strength and power to the wearer, helping them move ahead in their life during difficult times. The agate stone calms the senses of the user and uplifts them with its astounding energies.

One of the excellent properties of the stone is that it protects one from fevers and also has this mystical energy to quench thirst.

This stone can help you get the energy and the power you need to continue with your hectic routine life. Those who are confused about their lives can get benefits with this stone.

How to Use Agate Gemstone for the Best Results?

There are several ways to make the most of this stupendous stone. It cuts into cabochons or can carve in small sculptures. Some even use agate gemstones to make beads and useful items like paperweights and bookends as well.

This stone loved by jewelry fanatics and is one of the most demanded gemstones when it comes to making gorgeous pieces of jewelry – thanks to the splendor and the amazing properties of the stone.

Once can keep it close to their body. Doing this will help in activating all the chakras of the body and in providing the healing benefits of agate to the wearer.

Another way to use this stone is to keep it inside a purse or inside the pocket of your clothes and carry it along with you. As this is a highly protective stone, keeping it close to you will help in getting rid of any negative energy or vibrations that surround you.


Jewelry Care and Cleaning of Agate Gemstone

When it comes to taking care of this marvelous stone, one can follow some simple steps and keep a few things in mind.

For cleaning the Agate stone, you can use warm soapy water, a soft brush, and a soft cloth. Once you have dipped the agate stone jewelry in the soapy water, give it a gentle rub using the soft brush and clean even the hard to reach areas with ease. After cleaning the jewelry, rinse it properly and wipe it with the soft cloth.

Also, make sure that you do not use any chemicals when caring for or cleaning the agate gemstone jewelry as chemicals can do irreversible damage to this stone. You should also avoid exposing the stone to extreme heat as it could harm the stone.

For storing the agate gemstone jewelry, pick either a soft cloth and wrap it inside the cloth and keep it separately from other jewelry pieces that you may have. Or else, you can even use a fabric-lined box to store your agates. But then again,  keep them secure and separate from other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches.

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