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A Complete Guide Green Onyx Gemstone


A variety of the microcrystalline quartz, the beautiful Onyx gemstone belongs to the chalcedony family. Formed through a natural phenomenon when silica gets deposited in lava gas cavities, Onyx is one of its kind with unique stripes or bands that are created during its formation. Onyx is a variety of semi-precious gemstones

The word Onyx originates from the Greek term ‘onux’, meaning claw or fingernail. As the bands on the stone represent colors of a nail, the stone has been named so.

While usually, the stone is black, you can also find pink, red, brown and even green onyx gemstones. You can even find colorless onyx gemstones. It is a popular substitute for Emerald Gemstone.

Like emerald, Onyx is also very helpful to strengthen the positive powers of Mercury planet. Onyx finds in regions like the USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Madagascar.

Procedure for wearing Onyx Gemstone

Ideally, silver should adorn a green onyx gemstone, and it can be wear as a ring, bracelet or pendant. When it comes to the Green Onyx, it should be worn in the left hand on the little finger.

Green Onyx Stone-9Gem
Green Onyx Stone-9gem

10 Benefits of Wearing Onyx

Improves self-confidence: It provides self-confidence and self-control, eliminating sadness and improving decision-making.

  • Boosts the mental health: The stone also improves mental health and boosts concentration.
  • Removes worries: The black onyx stone helps in fighting with life’s challenges and removes worries and tensions.
  • Increases strength: The Onyx gemstone also increases stamina, strength, and vigor. Onyx help for healing and meditation as well.
  • Brings positivity: By opening the chakras, this gemstone brings a greater flow of positive energies and vibrations.
  • Heals physically: Onyx is useful in treating health conditions related to the bones, bone marrow and blood.
  • Regulates emotions: The gemstone also heals the wearer emotionally and make them bold enough to face people and large gatherings with ease.
  • Treats addiction: Certain addictions may take control over the lives of some people. Wearing an onyx stone helps those who are suffering from addiction and treating them to live a healthy and addiction free life.
  • Improves sensory and motor nervous system: Another amazing benefit of the stone is that it improves the function of the sensory and motor nervous system.
  • Helps to forget the past: There are people who find it difficult to let go of their past. Wearing an onyx helps them forget the past and move on in their lives with a brighter outlook.

How to Use Onyx for the Best Results

In order to achieve the right results from the stone, make sure that its weight in carats should be at least 1/10 of your body weight in kg. This means that if you weight 60 kg, then you must wear at least 1/10th of 60 kg, which is a 6-carat Onyx gemstone.

The bigger it is in size, the more will be its benefits to the wearer. The stone should be a natural, untreated with minimum inclusions and its color should be even.


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