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A Complete Guide To Opal Gemstone

Opal Gemstone is the birthstone for October month along with the tourmaline stone. It is also a stone for celebrating the 14th year of marriage.

The name opal is derived from the Sanskrit word “upala” which means precious stone and it was also called opallios in Greek, meaning “to see a change in color”.

Opal is a gem of excellence, charm, riches, and beauty. It helps a man to give a luxurious life. This stone presents the force of satisfaction to the wearer an upgrade money related flourishing.

It is useful for those in business, especially associated with travel and tourism, imports and exports.

Opal Gemstone & Planet Venus:

Opal Gemstone expands engaging quality, imaginative quality, elegance, and appeal. It expands the positive impacts of Venus, for example, stamina and riches.


It likewise gives ecstatic conjugal life and great well being. At the point when Venus is distressed, we may feel caught in an exotic way of life, over the top, or an animal of solace.

Whenever frail, one might be coarse, unrefined, or forceful. There might be disturbed or improper sentiments. It might be hard to express love or different feelings emphatically.

Venus took after to the local’s extravagances, solaces, style, sentiment, riches, excellence, bliss, delights, high-class vehicles, workmanship, attractions, adornments, happiness, joy, satisfaction, energy, and cheerfulness.


Venus is the lord of sign Taurus and Libra in Indian Astrology. It is especially good for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendants.


Types of Opals


Opals come in various types, each distinguished by its appearance and formation process. The main categories include:


Precious Opal: This is the most coveted type, known for its vibrant play-of-color. Precious opals can further be classified based on their background color, which can range from white and milky to black.


Fire Opal: Characterized by its vivid orange to red hues, fire opal is renowned for its warm and fiery colors. It is often transparent or translucent and is commonly found in Mexico.


Common Opal: Lacking the distinctive play-of-color, common opals are valued for their solid and vibrant colors. They are more abundant and less expensive than precious opals.


Hydrophane Opal: These opals have the unique property of absorbing water, becoming translucent or transparent when wet. This phenomenon adds an extra layer of mystique to these gemstones.

Characteristics of Opals


Opals are celebrated for their distinctive characteristics, with the play-of-color being the most captivating feature. The play-of-color is a result of the diffraction of light as it passes through the microscopic silica spheres within the gemstone. The colors can include a dazzling array of hues, from reds and oranges to blues and greens, creating a visual spectacle reminiscent of a shifting rainbow.


Other factors that contribute to the value of opals include:


Body Color: The base color of the opal, ranging from white and light gray to black. The more vibrant and translucent the body color, the more valuable the opal.


Transparency: Opals can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Transparent opals with a strong play-of-color are highly prized.


Pattern: The arrangement of the play-of-color can take various patterns, such as harlequin, pinfire, and floral. Harlequin opals, displaying a mosaic-like pattern, are particularly rare and valuable.


Size and Shape: Larger opals with an attractive shape command higher prices. Oval and round shapes are popular, but unique shapes can add to the gemstone’s appeal.


What are the benefits of wearing Opal ?

If a person is facing many problems in his married life and feeling unhappy with his partner, he/she may try opal to overtaking this kind of problems.

  • Opal is a gemstone for charm, fashion, glamour, beauty, movies, cinema, fine arts, Fashion Industry and those are working in this field should wear opal gemstone to get more benefits in their field.
  • The person who wears Opal gemstone gets the love, happiness and good fortune for the rest of their life.
  • The person who is experiencing the dozing issue and continually having the bad dreams may wear this appeal will help you in your awful dreams and will permit a decent rest in the night.
  • Opal gemstone improves the functioning of the Urinary system, especially the kidneys.
  • This gemstone Improve social relations of a person overall.
  • Opal Stone maintains the hormonal secretions.


Caring for Opals


While opals are undeniably stunning, they are also relatively delicate compared to other gemstones. Proper care is essential to preserve their beauty and integrity:


Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Opals are sensitive to extreme temperature changes, which can cause them to crack. Avoid exposing opals to sudden shifts in temperature.


Protect from Scratches: Opals have a hardness level of 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale, making them more susceptible to scratches than some other gemstones. Store them separately from harder gemstones to prevent abrasions.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Opals can be damaged by chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, and cosmetics. It’s advisable to remove opal jewelry before engaging in activities that involve exposure to chemicals.


Limit Exposure to Water: While opals are not water-resistant, prolonged exposure to water can cause them to lose their play-of-color temporarily. Avoid wearing opals while swimming or bathing.


Opals in Lore and History


Opals have been surrounded by myths, superstitions, and lore throughout history. In ancient times, opals were believed to possess magical properties and were considered symbols of good luck. The ancient Greeks believed that opals held the powers of foresight and prophecy.

Despite these historical superstitions, opals have long been associated with positive attributes such as love, passion, and loyalty. In modern times, opals are often given as gifts to celebrate anniversaries and other special occasions.

The procedure of Wearing Opal Gemstone:

Before wearing any gemstone it is mandatory to consult with your astrologer or adviser.

The first procedure of wearing this gemstone is to wear in gold or silver ring or pendants on the basis of the recommendation of your astrologer.

Opal gemstone should wear on Friday evening of shuklapaksh in the middle or ring finger of your right hand.

Before wearing an opal stone it is mandatory to keep it immersed in a bowl, having 1 spoon of Curd, Honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves and Ghee for 10 minutes.

What is the wearing Mantra of Opal Gemstone?

Recite “AUM SHUKRAYE NAMAH” mantra while wearing the Gemstone.

Opals, with their mesmerizing play-of-color and rich history, continue to captivate gemstone enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you are drawn to the fiery hues of fire opals or the ethereal beauty of precious opals, these gemstones have a timeless allure that transcends cultural boundaries. As you explore the world of opals, remember to appreciate their unique characteristics, handle them with care, and embrace the mystical aura that surrounds these enchanting gems.


Frequently Asked Questions :


1: What gives opals their unique play-of-color?

The mesmerizing play-of-color in opals is created by the diffraction of light as it passes through microscopic silica spheres within the gemstone. The colors displayed can range from reds and oranges to blues and greens, creating a captivating visual spectacle.


2: Where are opals primarily found?

Australia is the primary source of opals, contributing over 90% of the world’s supply. Other significant deposits are found in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.


3: How are opals classified?

Opals are classified into various types, including precious opal (with play-of-color), fire opal (known for warm colors), common opal (without play-of-color), hydrophane opal (absorbs water)

4: What factors influence the value of opals?

The value of opals is influenced by factors such as the intensity and variety of play-of-color, body color, transparency, pattern (harlequin, pinfire, etc.), size, and overall shape. Larger opals with vibrant play-of-color and unique patterns are generally more valuable.


5: How should opals be cared for?

Opals require special care to maintain their beauty. Avoid extreme temperature changes, protect them from scratches by storing separately from harder gemstones, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, and limit prolonged exposure to water to preserve their play-of-color.


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    1. Hello Sunil…For gem recommendation services it is needed to check with the expert astrologer. please contact on +91 9216112277 and follow the instructions to get the gem recommendation.

  1. Before wearing an opal stone it is mandatory to keep it immersed in a bowl, having 1 spoon of Curd, Honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves and Ghee for 10 minutes. then after keeping srone we have to throw that mixture or put in tree or water plz suggest

  2. I want to know, reviews of white opal. That person’s wear in Venus mahadasha. What the results they found. And how much time the results are visible in their life. Can you help me please.

    1. Please consult with an expert astrologer for gem recommendation. We are Gemologists and will not be able to help you in this. We are providing gem recommendation services with the help of third-party astrologer but the services are paid. If you are interested and want our services please send us your query at support@9gem.com

  3. hi i am a Capricorn women one of the astrologer suggested me to wear a white opal in index figure of right hand to get good results in my work front ,is this is fine for me

    1. Its ok if he suggested the gemstone as per the birth chart readings. Please follow the instructions carefully. We have limited knowledge about astrology as we are Gemologists.

  4. Hi my astrologer suggested me to wear fine white opal 4.90 carats in left hand’s index finger but here u r suggesting right hand’s middle or ring finger can u explain if u can

    1. These are the General blogs and written with general facts about the stone. On the other hand, astrologers have vast experience and knowledge in this. Please follow the steps of your astrologer. He must have given you advice after checking your birth-chart.

  5. Hi I bought a fire opal ring and worn the first time on Friday. I am a libran. Can I wear the ring on all days ? Or should I wear it only on Fridays?

    1. If you are wearing this stone for the astrological use, please consult with astrologer. It will be good for you as stone can give you negative impact if not followed the right rituals.

  6. I m currently in Bangalore, and looking for a good quality natural fire opal, untreated and unheated. Any info is appreciated.

  7. One of the astrologer suggested me to wear opals but the Venus position is 3rd in my birth chart. May I wear this?

  8. Hi,
    Is Boulder Opal also for Venus if it’s blue with motherstone in the background?
    I read that only white Opals can be used for Venus. Is that true?

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