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How To Choose High Quality Emerald Gemstone?

Emerald gemstone is acknowledged as the prince of all nine gemstones or Navratnas. The green color emerald stone is said to be affiliated with the massive planet mercury, which signifies love, wisdom, intellect, financial strength, sound health.

The stone has acknowledged the status of price due to its above-mentioned abilities or capabilities that all together works in the favor of a person to uplift the status of a person in the society.

Despite the ability of this stone to change the life of its wearer completely, there is complicated. The complication is that due to lack of awareness people seem to be confused while buying emerald gemstone.

In the absence of proper guidance, they buy fake or artificial emerald stone that instead of proving benevolent work against its wearer. Therefore, we have written this article to guide you that how to choose a high-quality emerald stone.

Colombian Emerald Stone-9Gem
Colombian Emerald Stone

Consider four c’s, while buying emerald stone:

While purchasing a high-quality emerald stone must consider the four c quality in that particular stone. The four c qualities of the emerald gemstone are cut clarity, color shades, and carat. These are the four parameters which must be evaluated while buying this stone.

Examine the warmness of the stone:

To check whether emerald is real or fake. Take two pieces of emerald and feel the weight of both stone and if you feel some kind of warmness in your hand then it means the stone is original or natural.

Treatment of the stone:

While purchasing the emerald stone does consider the treatments of the stone. A natural emerald stone will not consist of any inclusion, but it is extremely costlier for someone to afford it.

Therefore, while buying this stone, you must be aware of the fact that almost every gemstone receives treatment in order to improve its quality.

The thing that matters is the amount of treatment or inclusion. A VVS emerald stone or vs emerald stone includes fewer inclusions as compared to standard and fine emerald stones. However, the price of the emerald stone of VVS or vs grade is higher than standard or fine category of stone.

Emerald Stone Ring-9Gem
Emerald Stone Ring

Examine the Origin of emerald stone:

The origin matters by the word origin, we mean that from where this stone is originates. A natural or original emerald stone will find from the Zambia and Brazil.

Hence, while buying this stone must ask the gem seller about the origin of the emerald stone. Give preference to Zambian emerald stone and Brazilian emerald gemstone.

Examine the cut of stone:

In order to pick up the best quality, the emerald stone does consider the cut of the stone. The oval cut emerald stone or cushion cut emerald stones are the best quality emerald stone.

Buy emerald stone from a legit gem seller:

Do not buy emerald gemstone from those gem traders or seller who sells wrong or fake emerald gemstone.

Before buying this stone gather information about the gem seller read the other user experience and after evaluating the market reputation of the company only then proceed to buy this stone.

Emerald Buying Collection
Emerald Buying Collection-9Gem

Examine whether the emerald gemstone is certified or not?

While buying this stone must seek the certification of the stone. A certified blue sapphire stone from a reputed gem laboratory signifies the quality of this stone. Do not buy this stone for the ring if the stone is not certified a reputed gem laboratory.


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