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What is Color Change Sapphire?

Sapphires are not only famous for its stunning blue color, although it has got the capability of reflecting different colors. Since sapphire belongs to the corundum family, thus the part of the sapphire that exhibits a different or diverse range of colors is termed as color change sapphire.

Despite the fact, that blue is popular to be the best color for sapphires, yet. The type of sapphire produces different colors that range from orange, yellow, pink, purple, etc.

The coloring agents are responsible for the reason why color change sapphires alter various colors. Generally, these sapphires in a normal daylight alters its color from blue to violet purple color.

Despite, the competency of color change sapphire to shift the color of a stone to different color still a normal grade sapphire stone is incompetent to shift the color blue to another color completely; however, it can change the color of sapphire slightly.

Hence, only the top grade color change sapphires have the capability to alter the color blue into purple or yellowish completely.

Colour Change in Daylight :

To experience the actual change in color of the sapphire gemstone, it should be seen or examined in the presence of daylight or ultraviolet light. Only those sapphire stones can reflect or exhibit different colors whose with two light transmission windows rather than one.

For example, have you ever noticed that why blue sapphire appears blue because it absorbs all other light excluding blue? Similarly, the red coral stone exhibits red color. This stone absorbs or drains all other lights which reflect on the stone except red.

The natural daylight observes to be the best or optimum to see the color change properties in the sapphire stone. Because the daylight is having well balance.

The reason why the fluorescent and incandescent light is irrelevant for color changes. Because the fluorescent light, rich in blue and incandescent light is rich in red. So as they favor these two colors intently.

Origin of fancy color change sapphire:

The color change sapphire comes from the location like Sri Lanka, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar, Australia, China, and the USA. The blue sapphire mined or excavated from the Kashmir region, Burma, and China.

The Blue sapphire stone is basically composed of Iron and Titanium. The presence of iron aids in reflecting or exhibiting different color like yellow and purple.

On the other hand, the chromium is responsible for reflecting pink color. Iron and vanadium combine tend to produce orange to golden stones.

The blue sapphire gemstone possesses excellent transparency, which helps in obtaining a diverse range of colors ranging from yellow, purple, green and pink.


Besides, clarity or transparency properties like cut, shape and sapphire treatment also play a vital role in obtaining the color change property of the sapphire.

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