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Case Study: How Wearing Blue Sapphire Changes Life Of A Businessman

About the Person

Nitin Rane is a Mumbai based businessman who runs his own electronic appliance shop in Navi Mumbai.  He has been dealing with electronic appliances for the last three years.  His electronic shop is extensively famous in Navi Mumbai.

Eventually, customers and clients favor his shop to purchase electronic appliances majorly. By virtue of his shop popularity, he mints a lump sum amount from his shop and his shop exceeds his performance as far as sales are concerned.

Nitin Rane has two children and he lives in a joint family. He is the sole breadwinner of the family and therefore he puts his great efforts to run his shop. Nonetheless, we know that things do not remain the same always; this happened too in the case of Nitin.

What was the problem?

After the string of successful three years suddenly he started facing troubles. Gradually, his golden time commenced diminishing as he was losing the trust of the customers.

He was not able to concentrate on his business efficiently and due to a lack of new ideas, his business started draining. Eventually, he was unable to understand the reason behind this and gradually, his problem was getting bad to worse.

He tried everything to overcome this situation, despite this, all his efforts went in vain. Nitin’s family was really worried about his condition as he started losing his temper every now and then.

The Solution:

One day his father advised him to visit an astrologer to seek advice from them. Considering his father advice Nitin searched over the net about the astrology help.

Nitin contacted 9Gem for help. After talking with our online expert, he send his birth details to our astrologers who hold more than ten years of experience in the astrological field. astrologers subtly evaluated the birth chart of Nitin and they discovered that Saturn is placed in the wrong or malefic houses in the birth chart of Nitin by the reason of which he has been facing trouble with his business.

After evaluating the minute details of his birth chart rigorously our astrologer’s contacted Nitin and disclosed him minute details about his birth chart and they asked Nitin to wear blue sapphire gemstone the stone that is termed being the birthstone of the Saturn.

Besides this, our astrologers also entail Nitin that how to wear blue sapphire stone along with the rituals that performed before wearing blue sapphire gemstone. That stone can harm you if not worn with proper guidelines of expert astrologers.

9Gem not just assisted him to purchase a blue sapphire gemstone, even told him about the right weight and procedure to wear this stone to overcome the effects.


Effects Of Wearing Blue Sapphire Stone:

After subscribing to this stone for three weeks the stone blue sapphire initiated to make a positive impact in his life. Moderately, things have started changing in his favor day by day.

Finally, after one year of subscribing this stone, Nitin is now a happy man again and with the blessing of blue sapphire gemstone, he is doing good in his business.

He is grateful to for all the help and support that has saved his business and life. Also wants to thank 9Gem in a great way. He sends this review and we decided to share it with all our customers or readers.

The core intention of writing this post is to open a ray of hope for all those individuals and businesses who are going through the same problem alike Nitin Rane.

If you want to check astrological gemstone collection, you can visit our online store at

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  1. Hi myself Mayur
    My birth details are 20 October 1995
    Time 12:15 PM
    Place Ratlam MP India
    Should I wear blue Sapphire and which are the stone I should avoiding wearing.
    Please help me with that and consult me the stone I should wear and some best options I can buy from you

    1. Please consult with an expert astrologer for gem recommendation. As gem recommendation is done with the birth chart readings. We are Gemologists and will not be able to help you in this. We are providing gem recommendation services with the help of third-party astrologer but the services are paid. If you are interested and want our services please send us your query at

  2. Very useful information. Will it be good for an accountant to wear this stone?

    Also I would like to know my future. My dob is 30/01/1994 time 05:30 place of birth Georgetown, Guyana, South America.
    Thank you.

    Om namah Shivay

    1. Hello Sarah,

      I think you are looking for astrological recommendation. As we are Gemologists and will not be able to suggest anything about astrology. You need to consult with astrologer. We provide recommendation services with third party astrologers and that services are paid.

  3. My name is Shailendra.
    Time-08:00 AM
    Place of birth- Patan, Dist: Jabalpur, State: M.P.
    Current & Permanent Residence: Manewada Square, Nagpur city , Maharashtra.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had already worn a blue sapphire substitute known as Neelwarn on the recommendation of an astrologer from jabalpur for almost 3-4 year’s and then removed it as another astrologer from Indore asked me to wear Emerald in last finger for business, instead of blue sapphire as it seemed like developed crack in it. So I removed it.
    My rashi suggests me to wear a combination of diamond, emerald & Blue sapphire for better prospect.
    I have purchased a shop on a connecting road in a upcoming developing market in Nagpur in January 2017. But failed to get material & equipment to start my businesses for past 04 months due to zero finance support. Parents, relatives & friends have failed repeatedly to provide me a sum of Rs 50 thousand to avail a businesses loan of Rs 02 lack in the form of PMEGP (Prime Minesters Employment Generation Program) for starting my Food shop.
    Some how I will get it sooner or latter.

    But my question right now is “Can I reuse or can I wear again that same old blue sapphire” weighing 6.5 carret which I removed in 2015 back by doing proper rituals again. I have got reframed it in a new size & metal of Panchdhatu. I feel this might work for me again some how. But with proper consultation, so I am writing to you.

    Please advice me.

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