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How To Wear And Care White Coral Gemstone?

How To Wear And Care White Coral Gemstone?
How To Wear And Care White Coral Gemstone?


Wearing White Coral Gemstone

A White coral gemstone is composed of calcium carbonate. The stone obtains from the sea where it is an outgrowth of leafless bushes. The auspicious skeleton of a white coral leaf is composed of calcium carbonate. The stone finds in diverse colors red, white and vermilion.

As per astrology, the white coral gemstone is associated with the coercive planet Mars that denote sexuality, courage, determination, passion, cruelty, anger and self-confidence.

Mars is contemplated to be the commander-in-chief among all the planets. The planet enforces the physical strength, stamina, self-confidence and avoids heal blood-related diseases.

Since, Mars symbolizes the cruelty, aggressiveness and dominate nature. Therefore, it is only benevolent if it inclines in the auspicious houses.

In case, if it is placed in the negative houses will create an impact on the overall personality of an individual. Thus, proper guidance is required before wearing coral stone.

Minimum Weight Of Stone: The optimum weight of the white coral stone depends on the body weight of the wearer.

Suitable Metal For Stone: The substantial planet Mars engenders positive effects in the lives of an individual if it subscribes to the metals like gold or copper.

Particular Day and Time To Wear: The best suitable time to wear white coral is Tuesday morning in the first hour of the day (after sunrise) in waxing Moon days (Shukla paksha days).

Mantra:  After, the former step the white coral stone should put on to the white cloth and whilst reciting the mantra for 108 times the astrologer wears the ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

“Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum”

The white coral stone will commence reflecting its positive results after one month. It will continue to showcase its usefulness for at least four years.

How to clean and take care of white coral stone

Besides properly wearing white coral gemstone; one should also properly look after this gemstone to preserve its qualities.

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As wearing a defective white coral stone will instead of generating positive effects emerge negative effects in life.  Thus, to appropriately take care of white coral stone reads the following steps:

Protect White Coral From Chemicals:

There are plethora of chemicals that may damage the quality of the white coral gemstones (Moonga Ratna). Besides, dangerous chemicals, the quality of white coral stone may decline due to the exposures of these white coral gemstones to hairspray, body lotion, perfume, and several cosmetic products. It is also possible that these harmful chemicals can destroy the white coral products completely.

Therefore, while implying hairspray, lotion, and household cleaners, white coral gems should be removed for the sake of their convenience. Since, all these products contain ammonia or chlorine bleach that is capable of damaging the white coral. It damages also white coral rings, white coral necklace etc..


Remove white coral before swimming:

If you are fond of swimming, then while swimming does remove your white coral because swimming with these white coral gemstones can destroy them completely. Since, pool water is chlorinate water, which is dangerous for metals, especially white coral rings and necklace. Hence, while going to swim, take out white coral gemstones.

Remove Your White coral stone before taking a bath:

It would be appropriate if you bath without wearing white coral gemstone (Moonga) because applying soap on your ornaments can form a thin layer or film over the top of the metal that scale down the luster and gleam of the gemstones especially in case of diamond and gold ornaments. Therefore, you must remove all your white coral gemstone before taking a bath.

Clean White coral stone with soapy water:

The easiest and effective way to clean your white coral gemstone is with warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. To clean your white coral stone prepares a mixture of warm water with the mild detergent powder. Put your white coral ornaments in the mixture of detergent powder.

Keep it in the solution for more than 15 minutes to let the detergent soak all the impurities that reside in the white coral gemstone items.

After that, use a soft brush to clean white coral gemstone softly don’t use a harsh brush as it will slash the shine and luster of a white coral gemstone item.  After cleaning the stone use a cotton cloth to rub the stone.

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Seek Advice from a gemstone expert:

In order to obtain proper guidance on how to protect the white coral stone. One must pay a visit to a gemstone expert who will entail you the proper way to take care of your precious white coral stone jewelry.


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    1. Mohs scale of moonga stone is very small as compare to Diamond stone. SO it is advised to extra care the stone while putting in ring and also wearing it for astrology.

    1. Procedures given in the blog are just for general purpose. You need to consult with astrologer if you are going to wear this stone for astrology purpose. Rituals are performed as per guidelines given by astrologer after reading your birth chart.

  1. Interesting blog; the way of wearing white coral stone is unique and nice; Thank you so much for sharing this blog.

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