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Points To Keep In Mind When Buying Sapphire Single Stone

Points To Keep In Mind When Buying Sapphire Single Stone. Sapphire has been a popular gemstone with the elite for centuries now and it has become one of the most sought-after gemstones in fashion jewelry today. Not only this, sapphires are astrologically important too, as they are associated with the potent astrological planet, Saturn or Shani.

No doubt these vibrant gemstones are precious, their value is however determined by their authenticity and quality.

There are a few checkpoints which can help a discerning buyer distinguish a high-grade sapphire piece from an inferior one. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are buying sapphire single pieces:


The key determinant for the quality of a colored gemstone such as a sapphire is its color, as the color is the most distinctive and appealing aspect of these stones. While considering the color of a sapphire, you have to look at the factors like the tone, hue, and saturation.

Hue in case of a sapphire refers to the balance of colors. It may vary from blue to strong green, slight green, strong purple and light purple.

Blue is the most desirable color in the sapphire, the closer the hue of the piece is to the color, the more expensive and high quality it is.

Tone implies how dark or light the color of the sapphire piece it.

Talking about saturation, it describes how vivid a sapphire is. The bright blue sapphire stones are preferable as they are eye-catching and high in quality.


Most of the sapphire pieces have needle-like inclusions or “silk”. Absence of these inclusions may point out to the fact that the gemstone is either treated or fake. Generally, sapphires are subjected to heat treatment to enhance their color and clarity.

When you are buying sapphire single stone, it is advisable to look for eye clean pieces, which means that they should look inclusion free to the naked eye though microscopic silk may be present in it. The phenomena called Asterism, which gives a star effect to the gemstone is also desirable.


The next factor to be considered while buying a single sapphire piece is the cut. Sapphires have no standardized cuts as in the case of diamonds, rather the color and clarity can be maximized with good cutting by an expert.

What you should look for is an asymmetrical gemstone with plenty of lusters as it reflects light from the right angles.

Shallow cuts are made on darker sapphires as they give a lighter appearance to the stone and vice versa. Round, oval, emerald, cushion and cabochon shapes are common in sapphire stones.


Finally, the carat weight of sapphire needs to be considered to determine its quality. Since the density of the gemstone is more than that of diamond, a sapphire of the same carat weight might appear smaller in size as compared to a diamond.

Therefore, instead of using the size of diamond as a yardstick. It is better to consider the standard of sapphire itself for measuring the carat weight accurately. In general, a one-carat sapphire piece will measure 6 mm in diameter.


Having a look at all these 4 C’s can be of great help while judging the quality of sapphire single pieces before you invest in these expensive stones.

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