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Health Benefits of Wearing Natural Gemstones

Last updated: February 23, 2019 at 11:48 am

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Gemstones the word delves us into the world of imagination about the best uses of these stones. Often people estimate that the best use of these compelling gemstones is for jewelry items due to their appealing and attractive color properties.

However, in reality, the use of gemstones are not only bound to jewelry instead of that gemstones are being used for other important purposes by virtue of their impelling properties.  Thus, by keeping the above line as the base, we would see that how wearing these gemstones will aid a person in achieving or securing good health.

As per Sages and astrologers, the main nine gemstones assist a person in achieving great heights in his/her lives. Moreover, subscribing the perfect gemstone will aid you to get rid off serious health diseases?

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone:

The light red color ruby gemstone (Manik Stone in Hindi) represents the planet Sun. And, it is being said that this gemstone occupies the magical powers of the sun and encourages removing or healing serious health diseases.

The Sun ruled ruby gemstone curbs the serious health diseases with the assistance of effective rays of the Sun. Let’s see what are the main diseases which can be controlled or healed by wearing this stone?

Natural Ruby Stone
Natural Ruby Stone


  • The ruby stone proves immensely benevolent for those people who are suffering from diarrhea.
  • In order to get rid of diarrhea, a person can drink the water in which ruby or Manik stone is dissolved. Thus, drinking this solution will control this disease.
  • The effective ruby stone will aid in resolving blood-related diseases. Since the sun governs the blood flow or circulation in the body this wearing sun ruled ruby stone will cure all blood-related diseases.
  • If the powerful ruby stone is applied to serious wounds for three or four times will heal the wound and reduces the chances of Tetanus.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from blood-related diseases or heart-related diseases can wear a ruby gemstone. Since wearing this stone will cure all diseases related to the heart or eyes.
  • It is being said about ruby gemstone that drinking the water by putting ruby gemstone in that water for some time will assist in getting rid of stomach related diseases.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl  Gemstone:

The pearl stone (Moti in Hindi) is composed of calcium, oxygen, and carbon favorably the chemical composition of this stone make this stone favorable and benevolent for removing health diseases.

Fresh Water Pearl
Fresh Water Pearl
  • The moonstone pearl powder will prove benign to the curb of the problem of kidney stone.
  • Wearing the moonstone pearl will act as an ideal antidote to remove or dispel all urine related problems.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from piles or joint pain will alleviate the pain of these severe diseases.
  • The pearl stone act as the best antidote to cure sleep disorder and mental diseases.

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone:

The red coral stone belongs to potent planet Mars as per Astrologers. The organic gemstone red coral is also known as Moonga stone in Hindi is composed of 83 percent of calcium, 5 percent Iron and rest of Magnesium. Thus, due to its astrological and chemical composition, properties this stone will assist in curing many serious diseases.

Red Coral Gemstone
Red Coral Gemstone
  • Those individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure problems can intake the powder of coral with honey, it will definitely assist in curing this disease.
  • This powder of red coral stone works as the best antidote if a person is suffering from stomach pain or diarrhea.
  • Taking red coral stone powder with betel leaf will eliminate the cough problem.
  • Drinking the rose water in which the powder of red coral is mixed will enhance the physical strength and stamina.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone Gemstone:

  • Keeping Emerald gemstone for 21 days in kewra water and then eating or taking this with milk cream will enhance the physical strength and sperm count.
  • The emerald stone act as the panacea for urine related diseases and problems related to the kidney.
  • The effective emerald stone (Panna in Hindi) cure or emanate the piling problem or kidney related problems.
Natural Emerald Gemstone
Natural Emerald Gemstone

Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

  • The Jupiter ruled yellow sapphire stone cures diseases related to bones, cough, and piles. In order to curb or alleviate these severe diseases, a person can take the powder of yellow sapphire with water.
  • In case of high fever ingesting the powder of yellow sapphire with honey two times in a day will emanate the fever.
  • Drinking the powder of yellow sapphire (also known as pukhraj stone in Hindi) by mixing it in kewra water will curb kidney and lungs related diseases.
  • The pills of yellow sapphire gemstone assist in curing severe diseases such as Jaundice, cholera, heart bit.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from mouth odor can keep the original yellow sapphire stone in their mouth. It will help them get rid of mouth odor and pyorrhea.
yellow sapphire stone
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Benefits of Wearing Diamond Gemstone

  • Those individuals who are suffering from impotency or low sperm count can wear this stone. Since wearing this stone emanate impotency and enhance the sperm count ratio.
  • Wearing an original diamond stone (Heera) get one rid-off from blood pressure diseases and tension.
  • Those individuals who are physically weak and also suffering from mental problems can wear this stone.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

  • The Saturn blessed blue sapphire aid in removing many serious diseases. Some of the following health benefits prove it one of the most efficient gemstones for health.
  • Taking or ingesting the powder of blue sapphire stone with honey will cure mental diseases.
  • Wearing blue sapphire stone (Neelam stone) proves benevolent in removing stomach related diseases.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from the problem of leprosy can wear this stone for the blue color stone prove a panacea in curbing this disease.
  • In case if a person is in a depression or suffering from blood pressure problem can wear this stone.
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire

Benefits of Wearing Hessonite Garnet Gemstone:

The garnet or Hessonite gemstone of planet Rahu altogether invokes excellent forces that assist an individual in achieving great health and Astrological benefits.

  • Taking the pills of garnet or Hessonite gemstone (Gomed Stone) will dispel heat from the body and get rid-off skin diseases.
  • This stone aid in resolving the problems related to stomach diseases and piles related problems.
  • Taking powder of hessonite stone with milk will alleviate or reduces the diseases related to the brain, leprosy, and lungs.
Hessonite Gemstone
Hessonite Gemstone

Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

The Ketu rules over cats eye gemstone (also known as Lehsunia stone) and it preserves the substance’s powers of Ketu in it and disseminates the powers of Ketu among its wearer. Moreover, it enacts as an excellent antidote to cure many serious diseases.

  • Taking the pills of cat’s eye gemstone with milk will cure all the brain-related issues such as tension, depression, and other brain-related issues.
  • Another important health benefit of cat’s eye gemstone is that taking the powder of cats eye stone with honey eradicates impotency and sex-related problems.
Cats Eye Gemstone
Cats Eye Gemstone

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