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Role and Importance of Saturn in Astrology

Role and Importance of Saturn in Astrology
Role and Importance of Saturn in Astrology

Role and Importance of Saturn in Astrology, Saturn, according to my research, is perhaps the most wealth giving planet, even before Venus and Jupiter. Planet Saturn is not to be feared for any reason. The planets you should be fearful of are Mercury, Venus and Mars, as they rule our everyday life, while Saturn rules our broader outlook on life.

A weak Saturn occurs when it’s in the sign of Aries and Cancer, which are ruled by Mars and Moon (enemy of Saturn) in astrology. A weak Saturn causes problems for the house it sits and the houses it aspects since Saturn aspects the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 10th house from where it sits.

Effects of Saturn on Horoscope

  • As Saturn is the Lord of the 8th House, it shall adversely affect any other House, regardless of where it is placed.
  • Drinking, gambling, telling lies or indulging into frivolities suppress the positive effects of Saturn.
  • If Saturn is placed with Rahu and Ketu, it becomes insignificant.
  • Saturn comes under the aspect of Sun, it brings harm to Venus.
  • If Saturn is under the effect of Venus, then the native may experience financial loss. But, on the contrary, if Venus is under the aspect of Saturn, it may prove beneficial.
  • If Saturn is debilitated at the time of birth and comes in the debilitated Houses in the annual horoscope, then it
  • causes great loss in 9th, 18th, 27th and 36th year of life.
  • The beneficial effects of Saturn normally begin after the 36th year of birth.
  • Saturn gives evil impact when it is alone, or placed with Moon, or it is placed with Rahu in the 12th House of Horoscope.
  • If there is a friendly planet in 2nd House and Mars, Venus is established. In such a situation, a person may overcome a prolonged illness and live a healthy life.

Remedies for the adverse effects of Saturn

1st House

  • Abstinence from consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
  • Burying surma in the ground will be beneficial for promotion at work.
  • Feeding monkeys will lead to prosperity.
  • Offering sweet milk to the roots of a banyan tree will give good results in education and health.

2nd House

(a) Going barefoot to temple for forty-three days.
(b) Putting a tilak of curd or milk on the forehead
(c) Offering milk to a snake.

3rd House

  • Feeding three dogs.
  • Donating medicines for eyes or distributing free medications for eyes.
  • Keeping a darkroom in the house may prove beneficial.

4th House

  • Offering milk to snake and offering milk or rice to crow or buffalo.
  • Pouring milk in the well.
  • Pouring rum in running water.

5th House:-

  • Distributing salty things while celebrating son’s birthday.
  • Offering almonds in the temple and keeping half of it in the house.

6th House

  • Offering food to a black dog.
  • Putting coconut and almonds in flowing water.
  • Feeding snakes will prove advantageous for the welfare of children.

7th House

  • Bury a flute filled with sugar in a deserted place.
  • Feeding a black cow.

8th House

  • Keeping a square piece of silver.
  • Putting milk in bathing water; sitting on a stone or wooden plank while taking a bath.

9th House

  • Putting rice or almonds in flowing water.
  • Donating gold and kesar for work associated with Jupiter, and donating silver and clothes for work associated with Moon; all these for good results.

10th House

  • Going to the temple.
  • Abstinence from meat, wine, and eggs.
  • Offering food to ten visually-impaired people.

11th House

  • Before going for important work, place a vessel filled with water on the ground and pour a few drops of oil or wine for forty-three days.
  • Abstinence from consuming alcohol; try maintaining good moral character.

12th House

  • Trying twelve almonds in a black cloth and placing it in an iron pot and keeping it in a dark room will give good results.

How to overcome negative powers of planet Saturn in Astrology?

Here I am sharing some of the most useful remedies used to overcome the malefic effects of the planet Saturn in your horoscope. Please take advice from your astrologer as well before performing any of the remedies given below.

  1. Wear blue sapphire (neelam) on Saturday set in silver or iron ring or locket touching the skin after purifying it with milk and gangajai. Mantra of Shani is: ‘Om shan shanacharaya namah’.
  2. Wear blue clothes on Saturday.
  3. Do business of articles related to the Shani planet.
  4. Make sabot Maha dal at home.
  5. Burn sarsoon (mustered) oil lamp on Saturday.
  6. Apply oil (body massage) on the body for 27 Saturdays.
  7. Wear Rudraksha.
  8. Keep the black dog at home.
  9. Do Shani japa 108 times daily
  10. Do Shiv puja with milk or sesame seeds, do path or Sunder kand.
  11. Visit the Shani temple in the evening.
  12. Do not consume wine or smoke.
  13. Keep 18 Saturday fasts. Do not eat salty food
  14. Prepare chapatti at home and give it to a black cow or a black dog.

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