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Planet Houses And Its Effects


While speaking on the 12th house have you noticed that the 4th House from the 9th House is the 12th planet Houses and effect? Which means that if you are a Dharmic (Religious) person you would reach Your Home – Swarg (Heavens)? Paradise would become your Home after your Death if you have lived a Spiritually fulfilled Life. So one would reach Moksha through Dharma.

But does this House indicate Only Moksha? Everyone has a 9th as well as 12th House in the Chart so does it mean all of us would reach Moksha? If that were the case, then the world would have been empty as all would have reached Heavens by now.

Remember the symbol of the Pisces Sign. Its two fishes in the Oceans. What do the Oceans represent? It’s Maya. Have you noticed one of the fishes is facing (looking) upwards while the other downwards? What does this mean? It means that a Man can strive to either reach his Celestial Home or else get engrossed completely in seeking materialism (Wealth and Prosperity) and would become earthly bound after death. Thus the 12th planet Houses and effect can be used to spend one’s Lifetime in Spiritual activities and also in traveling every evening to the Local Society Girls House for an exciting evening.


Mr. Krishan Sharma

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