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Information About Topaz Gemstone


An aluminum silicate-containing fluorine and hydroxyl, Topaz is a stunning crystal that has the amazing power to change one’s life. The name Topaz comes from the Greek word topazion, which comes from the Sanskrit term ‘tapas’, which means ‘fire’. Alternatively, the name is also said to be derived from the Egyptian island of Topazos in the Red Sea.

Although the stone is colorless or white in its purest form, the presence of impurities give it different colors. Topaz gemstone in colors like blue, pink, honey-yellow, or white is extremely valuable. Out of the various varieties of Topaz, Imperial Topaz is the most expensive one and highly demanded as well.

This stone is blessed with several positive energies that help the wearer gain a better perspective of their lives. Those who find it difficult to get rid of obstacles in their lives can wear this stone to remove stagnant energy and make the most of their skills and abilities.

This wonderful stone is also believed to help one overcome their limitations and challenge themselves to achieve what they want the most in their lives.

Origin of Topaz

There are several deposits of the topaz stone that are found across the world. From Afghanistan and Australia to Brazil, China, Germany, and Japan, topaz gemstones are found in all these regions and many more.

Other sources of origin of topaz include Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, the UK, the USA, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe.

Different Types of Topaz Gemstone

The presence of several different color variations of Topaz often confuses the onlookers. Some may mistake these gemstones to be from different families. From colorless (white) to orange, yellow, pink, red, red-brown, light to dark-blue, violet and light-green, there is a wide range of topaz gemstone colors in the gem industry today.

More often than not, the unadulterated topaz stones are colorless or pale blue. However, the ones that are the rarest and highly valued come in pink, yellow, or a reddish-orange hue. Violet and red topaz are extremely rare to find.
Many topaz stones undergo treatment to enhance their colors. So, when you buy a topaz, make sure your seller lists information about any enhancements that are done on the stone.

Gemological Properties of Topaz

Chemical Formula Al2SiO4(F,OH)2 Fluor containing aluminum silicate
Color Colorless, orange, red-brown, yellow, red, light blue, pale blue, dark blue, pink-red, violet, light green
Crystal Structure Orthorhombic, prisms with multi-faceted ends, often octagonal in cross-section
Hardness on the Mohs scale 8
Cleavage Perfect
Refractive Index 1.609 – 1.643
Transparency Translucent to transparent
Density 3.49 – 3.57
Fluorescence Under long wavelength UV, white and blue show a weak yellow or greenish glow; red shows a weak yellow-brown glow; while brown, pink and yellow might show a strong orange-yellow glow
Double Refraction or Birefringence 0.008 to 0.016
Luster Vitreous

Properties of Topaz

By strengthening the abilities to give and receive love, the Topaz stone provides a sense of optimism and contentment in the wearer’s life.

Topaz is the stone of truth and forgiveness. Similarly, It has been used for many decades, thanks to its abilities to heal, soothe and energize.

Wearing this stone can help the wearer to rejuvenate themselves completely, from an emotional to a mental, physical and even spiritual level. It also brings the feelings of peace and helps one to relax.

Those who find it difficult to carry on with their life owing to low confidence in themselves can use this crystal to improve their sense of self-worth and confidence. By increasing your focus and concentration power, the stone helps in increasing productivity as well.

How To Use Topaz for the Best Results?

One of the several benefits of wearing topaz gemstone is that it protects the wearer. Be it protecting physically against accidents and fires, or protecting mentally from pessimism and negativity – this wonderful stone does it all.

By wearing a topaz around your neck and near your heart, you can get rid of stress, anxiety, emotional concerns, and fears. Doing this helps in bringing calm and peace into your life.

In fact, wearing this stone close enough to your body can help you ward off bad omens and become emotionally stable, avoiding emotional outbursts.

In case you are having trouble with your eyesight, then you can rub a topaz crystal lightly on your eyes. But, make sure that the crystal should have been soaked in wine for three days before you rub it on your eyes to alleviate your eye vision problems.


Jewelry care and cleaning of Topaz gemstone

Even though the topaz stone comes with a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, it’s durability may not help it last longer. This is because topaz has the perfect cleavage, and so, it can split to pieces with a single blow that comes with force.

That’s why, when it comes to rings that are to be worn regularly, setting topaz in protected bezel settings is highly advisable, instead of going for pronged settings.

The use of ultrasonic cleaners and steamers is not for cleaning topaz jewelry. And it is important to remove topaz jewelry before you perform any rigorous activity like exercising, sports or engage in cleaning activities that include the use of harsh chemicals.

For cleaning topaz jewelry, you can use soapy water and a soft brush. Dip the jewelry in the solution and clean it gently with the brush to remove any dirt. Once cleaned, rinse well to get rid of any soapy residue. In the end, wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth.

For storing topaz jewelry, keep it away from other gemstones so that scratches can be avoided. If possible, place it in a fabric-lined jewelry box. Or else, wrap the jewelry in a soft cloth and place it in an air-tight box to prevent air and moisture from affecting the jewelry.


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