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Does Gemstones Work? Yes, They Do With 90% Of Cases


Do gemstone works? This is a pertinent question which intrigues everyone interested in gemstones. Operating in the field of minerals, we have often received this query from most of the gem buyers. So, our answer is both yes and no; gemstones do work if they are being worn adhering all the rules and rituals correctly.

On the other hand, gemstone does not bring any positive results in your life if you have not adopted it accurately or it does not suit you.

The above line can be understood from this following example: Suppose, you are having a sharp pain in your head, and the doctor has prescribed you medicine for the stomach pain. Then, will that medicine prove sufficient enough to cure your headache?

The answer is “No”; you must take the right medication to get relieved from a severe headache. Similarly, in the case of gemstones, wearing the wrong gemstone will not bring any favorable results in your life. You must require adorning right stone to avail the benefits possessed by the stones.

So, in our opinion gemstones work provided you get proper consultation and purchase natural stones.

The following points will strengthen our claim that gems really work and why they don’t work for you?

Gemstone Recommendation:

By large people tend to wear stone based on their birth month, horoscope or DOB which is absolutely erroneous. One must need to seek the consultation of an astrologer before wearing any stone. Astrologer can evaluate your horoscope to inform you accurately that which stone will suit you; after properly studying the planetary position of the planets in your birth chart. Astrologer provides you gemstone recommendations as per your birth chart.


As per Vedic astrology, there are nine planets represent by one precious stone on the earth. As per your horoscope, some of the planets will reside in the benevolent position at your birth-chart considered as (benefice planet) and others will align at negative places considered as (Malefic planet).

You must wear gemstones related to beneficial planets otherwise, wearing gemstones affiliated with the negative planets may evoke destructive forces in your life.

So, from this point now it would be getting clear to you that gems work if you take proper advice from a prominent astrologer.

Testing And Wearing Gemstones:

Several astrologers suggest users wear gemstones after a trial period of three days. It is entirely a bad practice; they give logic behind asking their users to wear gemstones after testing it to know whether it suits them or not.

However, they should be aware that gemstones are immensely powerful entities and unfortunately if it does not suit an individual can cause extensive damage in his/her life. Therefore, this practice should be discouraged at all cost.

Only those astrologers who do not have sufficient knowledge about precious stones advise this or those who have no trust in their skills suggest users to test gemstones before wearing it.

This practice can only be justified in the case of blue sapphire gemstone because it is an expensive and quite coercive stone.


Confusion of Ratti/Carat:

People often put up this question to us that whether they should wear gemstones in ratti or carat or “how many ratti stones would be efficient for me”? First, let us understand that ratti is not a standard unit to measure the weight of stones, although carat is the standard unit. So, from now onwards while buying stone, consider carats, not rattis.

The second misconception which prevails among the users that wearing a right weighted stone will be more than enough to solve all their problems. However, it is not true by all means, in fact, besides weight, color, clarity and the overall quality of stone plays a vital part in deciding whether the stone will work in your favor or not.

Treated, Enhanced and Man-Made Gemstones:

All colored stones won’t carry astrological benefits. In fact, almost 90% of the stones or minerals does not pertain any celestial powers. Secondly, there is the numerous stone seller who promptly offers fake or lab-created stones labeling it as natural stones. Suppose, if you purchased any such stone and aspiring for obtaining astrological benefits out of it; so it won’t be possible.

Gemstones only work if you wear them in real essence, means, wearing only real, untreated stones will enroll for you to attain divine powers offered by these stones. Unfortunately, synthetic gem sellers have succeeded in mastering the art of creating fake stones which appear quite identical to real stones.

Therefore, it becomes immensely hard for a layman to distinguish between fake and real stone. Nonetheless, there are several legit gem dealers available online who provides real certified stones such as


Consecration and Proper wearing:

This is the last but most vital step which decides whether the stone will bestow divine powers in your life or not. The proposed stone needs to concentrate  in your name and birth Nakshatra. Apart from this, every stone has its define method of wearing, so must follow that procedure while wearing stones.

Following above steps will enable you to cherish the astrological benefits offered by these precious stones. At last, we would like to conclude that gemstones do work in 90% cases if you follow all the listed rules and procedure before wearing it.


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