What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Gemstones?

What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Gemstones
What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Gemstones

A gemstone is an organic material or a mineral mined for its rarity and beauty procured from the earth or the sea. People worldwide mainly use gemstones in their jewelry, but many adorn them for good luck and the positive effects on their lives. They have a more far-reaching influence on people’s lives than one can imagine.

All of us would be happier if we could use gemstones to get success in our personal lives, careers, marriages, and other areas of life. The positive vibrations of the planets and stars guide us to our rightful places.

Astrologers play a significant role in guiding us to wear the correct type of gemstones, and as a result, we get the success and happiness that we keep looking for as things start working for us flawlessly. Their recommendations prove to be fruitful in helping us attain our desires.

Let us read on to find out what else we can learn about gemstones. 

Precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are indicators of royalty. Historically speaking, many gemstones were associated with the rise and decline of well-known dynasties and even their prosperity.

Several such stones that once belonged to kings and queens and other members of the royal families are now in the possession of people who hold a special place for such objects. These stones are expensive not only for their beauty and connection with royal families but due to the good luck they can shower on the user.

Here are some more interesting facts that you would like to know about gemstones.

These stones are not only interesting because of their unique characteristics but of the stories attached to them because of their ages of alliance with humans.

Every single gemstone gets its name either because of its celestial or spiritual traits, monetary value, or social and cultural significance in the various ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome.

Gemstones in ancient India got further classified into two broad groups – major and minor stones. As a result, divine gems came into existence. Such precious stones are associated with different astrological signs. For example, diamond for Venus, blue sapphire stone for Saturn, red coral for Mars, pearl for Moon, and so on and so forth.

We all talk about precious gemstones, but often people confuse them with the not-so-precious ones. Some widely known precious stones are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. It is a rarity to find True gem quality, and less than 20% of gems found in the world have true gem qualities.

Here is the information about a precious stone you should know. The largest flawless loose diamond recorded till date is the Paragon Diamond, weighing about 137.82 carats.

Emerald has got several inclusions and many rough crystals. As a result, it becomes difficult to make cuts in them. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans believed that the diamonds were tears shed by the Gods and even made from splinters falling from the twinkling stars.

Amethyst was once noted to be a precious gemstone, but its value was reduced when massive quantities of these stones were unearthed in Brazil by scientists. In current times, Amethyst is a prominent semi-precious gem. Amethyst gemstones are generally heat-treated to improve their color and augur their quality in general.

Turquoise is a famous kind of semi-precious gemstone, liked by many for its beautiful hue. It gets its name from the Greek word “Turkois”, which means Turkish, and is named so because the first turquoise gemstones came from Turkey.

Turquoise has been in use as a wedding anniversary gemstone. Following traditions, people offer this stone as a gift on the 5th and the 11th marriage anniversaries.

Another famous gemstone is Lapis Lazuli, which was associated with royalty and many members of royal families had them in their possession. The world-famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci also used this gemstone in his paintings.

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Many paintings of the Sistine Chapel had cast-offs of this stone. In the 14th century, paints were shaped by combining these stones with oils.

An alternative way of a healing technique called crystal healing uses the powers of gemstones to heal ailments. When adorned with a positive mind, Rose Quartz can show positive results by helping you lose weight, and clearing skin issues like acne and skin wrinkles. Aquamarine can reduce toothaches.

Organic gems are essentially precious stones that came into form when body parts of various living organisms became crystallized and mineralized. Some examples of organic gems are cultured pearls, Conch pearls, natural pearls, amber, coral, and jet.

On the whole, gemstones in their various hues and shapes are not just pretty little things but some of the most powerful agents of restoring balance in your life. To enjoy its benefits, you can talk to your astrologer to pick the right gemstone based on your horoscope.

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