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Things To Know About Morganite Gemstone


Morganite is an extremely beautiful light pink to violet-pink colored gemstone which has been a favorite of many gem lovers for decades now. Being a durable and affordable gem, morganite is perfect for those who want a beautiful gemstone for regular wear.

This stunning gemstone is a variety of mineral beryl and is also called “Pink Beryl”, “Pink Emerald” and “Cesian Beryl”. It is important to note here that morganite gemstone is a rare variety of beryl, and comes second to red bixbite in rarity.

The gorgeous salmon hue of this stone makes it stand out from the rest of the gems. This color is a result of the presence of manganese in the gem. In fact, some of these gems are exposed to heat treatments, which gives them a much-enhanced color tone.


It is this pretty shade of pink that has attracted many women and has made morganite a preferred alternative for diamonds when it comes to picking a gemstone engagement ring.

Origin of Morganite

Morganite is sourced from various parts of the world. Two of the most prominent producers of this gemstone are Brazil and Madagascar. Other sources of this gem include places like Afghanistan, China, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, the USA, and Zimbabwe.

Gemological Properties of Morganite

Chemical Formula Al2(Be3[Si6O18] Aluminum Beryllium Silicate
Color Pale-Pink to Violet-Pink, Salmon, Peach
Transparency Transparent to opaque
Crystal Structure Hexagon
Hardness on the Mohs scale 7.5 to 8
Double Refraction or Birefringence 0.004 to -0.010
Refractive Index 1.562 to 1.602
Density 2.71 to 2.90
Cleavage Indistinct
Fluorescence Weak: Violet
Luster Vitreous

Properties of Morganite

One of the most amazing properties of Morganite is that it brings empathy, tolerance, compassion, and self-control with it. By wearing this stone, one can balance their emotions and bring stability to their life. This incredible stone also eases the pain that is associated with separation.

Also known as the Stone of Divine Lone, Morganite gem is a Heart Stone that brings love to the life of the wearer. It has the powers to rekindle an old love and ignite passion in one’s love life.

It is said that this gem also acts as a stimulator, and not only attracts love, but maintains it as well. By bringing in loving thoughts and helping one be more loving towards others, it instills a general feeling of well-being and love amongst the wearers.

Some even consider it to be an Angel Stone as it helps the users to communicate with angels.

By making one strong against prejudices and intolerance, this stone helps in developing a much flexible outlook towards the world.

Why Would You Use Morganite

There are various reasons why one may use this excellent gemstone and make their life better. Some of these include:

  • By giving you the valor to fight the obstacles and overcome them, morganite  acts wonderfully in turning your dreams into a reality
  • Morganite transforms the bad experiences and challenges that occur in a person’s life into a ladder to move ahead and bring a positive change
  • An amazing reason to use this stone is that it relaxes the mind and helps one distress
  • By wearing this gem, you can find an increase in your strength and courage
  • The stone also challenges one to give their best in everything they do.
  • Those who may get disappointed by the troubles of life easily can be also benefited a lot by wearing morganite.
  • Morganite increases one’s wisdom and adds calmness to the life
  • It also helps in enhancing the peace and confidence needed to carry on with the tough life easily
  • Wearing a morganite can help one grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally
  • One of the most beautiful reasons to use this stone is that it makes one feel thankful of the little things that are there in life, turning them into grateful beings.
  • Morganite also increases the sense of gratitude in the wearer, helping them to stop taking  people for granted.

Famous Morganite Gemstones

With their rising popularity and demand in the world of jewelry, it makes absolute sense to know more about the gorgeous morganite gemstones, especially the famous one.

  • The largest faceted morganite in the world is a cushion-shaped morganite which belongs to Madagascar and is virtually 600 carats in weight. If you want to see this stone, then head towards the British Museum, where it is exhibited presently in the museum’s superb collection.


Jewelry Care and Cleaning of Morganite Gemstone

  • When it comes to taking good care of a morganite gemstone, remember that being a variety of mineral beryl, this stone is highly sensitive to pressure and unsafe to chemicals.
  • Even though it was pretty impressive durability, it still needs proper care. For this reason, you must avoid wearing morganite jewelry while using harsh chemicals.
  • For cleaning the stone, make use of warm soapy water and rinse the gem well to remove any residue. Once cleaned thoroughly, don’t forget to wipe the stone using a soft cloth.
  • It is absolutely necessary to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or heat steamers for cleaning this gem.
  • Adequate care of this gem also requires that you remove morganite jewelry before performing rigorous activities like exercising, cleaning or sports.
  • Also, as the stone can scratch easily, thus it becomes important to keep it separate from other stones, preferably in a fabric-lined box.

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