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Important Information About Amethyst Stone


Amethyst is the violet color gemstone associated with the quartz family and it is the variety of semi-precious gemstone. The word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which means “non-intoxicating”, “not drunk”.

This beautiful semi-precious gemstone acts as a protection to its wearer from any kind of intoxication. Firstly, It is found in purple to reddish purple color, but sometimes referred to as a raspberry. As a result, Amethyst displays their best color in daylight only.


Gemological Properties of Amethyst


Chemical Formula:

SiO2 – Silicon dioxide

Crystal Structure:

Trigonal; hexagonal prisms


Violet, pale red-violet, purple


7 on the Mohs scale

Refractive Index:

1.544 – 1.553


1.544 – 1.553




Transparent to semi-translucent

Double Refraction / Birefringence:





Weak – bluish


Sources of Amethyst Stone


The main sources of the amethyst gemstone are Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Siberian, Canada, India, Argentina, Zambia, Myanmar, Russia, Mexico, Madagascar etc.


Healing Properties of Amethyst Gemstone

  • It  brings protection and spiritual growth to its wearer.
  • Amethyst is very helpful to get rid of your home and body negative energy and attracts positive energy.
  • The stone is a meditating and calming stone and gives calmness to its wearer because It works on the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance and peace.
  • It is used to eliminate impatience, as well as having strong healing and cleansing power.
  • This gemstone is a very powerful stone which guards against psychic attack, balance and mood swings, dispels anger, fear and anxiety.
  • It strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and strengthens so the body fight against cancer. Also, Amethyst eases headaches and releases tension.


How to use the power of amethyst

Amethyst is the most beautiful purple color semi-precious gemstone, which is an inexpensive and widely used gemstone. So, Here are some ways to use the power of amethyst gemstone.

  • Improve your eyesight by gently looking into the amethyst stone
  • Take a stone under the pillow to cleanse your energy overnight and encourage healing abilities.
  • Wearing amethyst can also assist in overcoming addictions to cigarettes, drugs, and other habits.


Wearing Methods of Amethyst semi-precious Gemstone

Amethyst gemstone is also known as Jamunia as per astrology. It is one of the healing stones to calm and protect the mind.

Amethyst gives so many benefits to its wearer, but it is possible When the wearer will wear Amethyst Stone with all correct wearing methods. So, here are some wearing rituals of wearing amethyst gemstone are:

Purification and Activation of Amethyst Gemstone: For purifying and activation of amethyst gemstone, firstly take a metal bowl and add Gangajal, Tulsi Leaves, Unboiled Cow’s milk, Honey, and Ghee.

After mixing it with a ring or pendant, then recite the mantra 108 times, to energize the ring. “Om Sham Shanishcharaye Namah”.

Minimum weight of Amethyst Stone: The minimum weight of amethyst gemstone is 3 to 5 Carats.

Finger to wear Amethyst Stone: So to get good results, amethyst gemstone should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand.

Metal for Amethyst Stone: Always make amethyst rings or pendant in silver metal only.

Day To wear amethyst stone: For great results, Amethyst ring should be worn on Saturday during Shukla Paksha days in the first hour of sunrise.

Time to wear amethyst stone: The amethyst gemstone should be worn on Saturday 5 To 7 am or 1 To 2 pm on during Shukla Paksha days ( Waxing moon )


Benefits of wearing amethyst semi-precious gemstone

So, Here are some benefits of wearing amethyst gemstone are:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, fear, and grief
  • Helps bring clarity in decision-making
  • It reduces injuries and treats hearing disorders
  • It also guards against psychic attack
  • Strong healing and cleansing powers.
  • Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom
  • It relieves insomnia
  • Powerful and protective stone
  • Activates spiritual awareness
  • Brings peace and tranquility in the home
  • Calms the mind
  • Natural stress reliever
  • Attract positive energies


How To Care Amethyst semi-precious gemstone Jewelry?

Amethyst stone is the perfect piece for making an alluring and big statement jewelry, But if you want to shine always like this, then you have to keep your jewelry clean.

If you have a ring, then you have to clean it on a regular basis to protect it against the build-up of dirt and grime.

The cleaning process of amethyst jewelry is very simple and easy to follow.

Step 1# Firstly, take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Do not add any other additives to the water because this water will be used to rinse off the detergent from the ring.

Step 2# Take another bowl and fill it with warm water and add 1 tablespoon of mild liquid detergent. Mix it well.

Step 3# Dip your amethyst ring into the bowl of water and detergent. Swish the ring around gently and pull out of the water.

Step 4# Take a toothbrush or any other soft brush which has a soft bristle . Apply the brush around the ring very softly and gently.

Step 5# Dip the ring into the bowl of warm water to rinse.

Step 6# After rinsing it properly, wipe the ring with the clean and dry soft cloth.



Frequently Asked Questions :


  • What is Amethyst, and how is it formed ?

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz, a mineral composed of silicon dioxide. Its distinctive color is a result of irradiation, iron impurities, and the presence of trace elements during its formation. It is formed in crystalline structures in various locations globally, including Brazil, Zambia, Russia, and South Korea.

  • What is the significance of the name “Amethyst” ?

The name “Amethyst” is derived from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning “not intoxicated.” This name reflects the ancient belief that Amethyst had the power to protect against drunkenness. Legends often involve gods and goddesses, with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, playing a central role.

  • What cultural significance does Amethyst hold ?

Amethyst has played a significant role in various cultures throughout history. In ancient Egypt, it was used in amulets for protection, while the Romans believed in its ability to ward off the effects of alcohol. In medieval Europe, bishops wore Amethyst rings as a symbol of piety and celibacy, associating it with qualities of humility and spiritual wisdom.

  • Are there different varieties of Amethyst ?

Yes, there are different varieties of Amethyst. The classic purple variety is the most well-known, but there’s also a green variety known as Prasiolite. Green Amethyst is created through heat treatment and is valued for its unique color. Exploring these variations allows enthusiasts to appreciate the diverse range of colors Amethyst can exhibit.

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