Pearl | Why South Sea Pearl Gemstones Are Rare & Expensive?

Pearl | Why South Sea Pearl Gemstones Are Rare & Expensive?
Pearl | Why South Sea Pearl Gemstones Are Rare & Expensive?

South sea pearls (moti stones) are white colored exceptional appearing white color or silver color pearl gemstone. These are rare and unique kind of pearl stones, one will find in jewelry.

The southsea pearl gemstone is usually larger than the average pearl stones. Along with large size, attributes such as smoothness and brightness of south sea pearl stones also exceed the normal pearls. The average size of a harvested south sea pearl stone is around 12 mm to 13 mm in diameter.

The south sea pearls come from the oysters that only live in the south sea areas such as Australia, China which have fresh and nutrient-rich water. Usually, the oyster of this pearl stone is larger than the Akoya (the type of a pearl stone) and freshwater pearl stone. Hence, due to the above reason, the pearl which it produces is of the larger size.

Keeping in consideration, the sensitivity and rarity of this type of oyster, the cultivation of this type of pearl stone is extremely difficult. Hence, the difficulty and rarity in cultivating this stone raise the price of south sea pearl stone, it is more expensive than its contemporary types.

Pearl 4.8 Carats
Pearl 4.8 Carats

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There are two varieties of pinctada maxima silver lipp and gold lipp. The two can easily differentiate by the coloration of the outer edge of the interior. These pearls display glorious color because of the wonderful color of the mother pearl nacre in these oysters.

Rare And Expensive South Sea Pearl :

South sea pearls are the largest cultured pearl stones found on the earth. The average size of this stone is around 13 mm, with most harvests producing a range of sizes from 9mm up to 20mm.

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Since after going through the above information, you must have informed that south sea pearls (moti ratna) are an expensive and rare type of stone. Hence, it is not possible to find a cheap south sea pearl stone; but there are several online gem dealers who claim of selling original south sea pearls at the extremely cheap rate. And people out of awareness, purchase fake or lab-created pearls conceiving as real south sea pearls.

South Sea Pearl 9 Carats
South Sea Pearl 9 Carats

Those who want to buy south sea pearl stone; the first thing they must be aware of that real south sea pearl is expensive and cost heavily to them.

They can’t expect to buy original south sea pearl stones at meager prices. Therefore, if a gem dealer claims of selling south sea pearl stone at the extensively cheap rate then it is appropriate to avoid buying a stone from that dealer.

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Many gemstone dealers looking for south sea pearl stone for jewelry items such as rings, the necklace at fairly reasonable rates. Though it looks fascinating and mesmerizing, at the same time, they are not real south sea pearl stones. On the contrary to this, it is man-made south sea pearls.

While buying this stone always consider a legit gem dealer who has built a good reputation in the gem market. And also offer certificate along with the gem. He openly reveals all types of treatments which a stone has undergone through until the time of purchase. sell online Natural Certified Gemstone at the best price. Take a look at the store.

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