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How Cultured Pearl Stones Are Formed And Its Types

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Cultured pearl gemstone is an advanced technique which has recently been developed to fulfill the rising demand of pearl gemstone in the market. Since, it is quite transparent with natural way of pearl creation pearl stone requirement of the world cannot be accomplished. Hence, in order to fulfill the rapid rise in demand of pearl gemstone.

Recently, with the help of modern technique a new way of creating artificial pearl gemstone introduced. However, the artificially created pearl stone appears quite similar to a natural pearl stone that it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between cultured pearl stone and natural pearl stone. And, only with the help of a microscope a person can only describe the difference between both these stones.

While developing a cultured pearl stone an irritant is intentionally placed in the mollusk of pearl so that it forms the concentric layers of nacre around the walls of mollusk over the period of time. It is an easier and faster approach of creation of pearl or moti stone.

Japan was the first nation who commenced of this type of pearl creation by a growing pearl mollusk in a restricted area under water,  which is being regularly kept under surveillance to keep a check on the growth of pearl stone. The colors of pearl stone are white, black, pink and white.

There Are Different Types Of Cultured Pearl Gemstone:

Saltwater Pearl Gemstone:

Saltwater pearl stone is formed inside the salt water lake and water lagoon. Akoya salt water pearl stones are quite famous. Since, they are indigenous grown in Japan. They are exported around the world as salt water pearl gemstones are famous around the world due to their color and shapes.

Freshwater Pearl Gemstone:

The fresh water pearl gemstone grows in fresh water in spite of lagoons and salt water. A pearl mollusk is farmed or cultivated in the sea or ocean in a confined or restricted area. And, constant surveillance is being done by pearl farmers to ensure high quality pearl at short span of time.

Some examples of fresh water pearl stones are south sea pearl stone which are famously being exported around the world where it is used in different form pearl stone rings, necklace and other jewelry forms.

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  1. Such an educative article about pearls. I am a pearl lover and I have a lot of pearl jewelries but never knew how they are formed.

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