Health Benefits of Ruby Gemstone (Manik)

Last updated: March 15, 2021 at 12:35 pm

Gem therapy is an important aspect of achieving good health and well being through the science of astrology. One of the astrological gemstones known to bring a multitude of health benefits for the wearer is ruby or Manik gemstone.

A variety of mineral corundum, the red colored ruby gets its characteristic bright color due to the presence of traces of chromium. Ruby is the gemstone of planet Sun, the most powerful planet in astrology, which is why it is sometimes referred to as “Ratnaraj-the King of Gemstones”.

A natural ruby gemstone harbingers good health, prosperity, confidence, wisdom, and love for the native. It is a symbol of love, power, and passion, as is the color red. Wearing ruby gemstone ring can bring positive results, in the form of alleviation of diseases caused by malefic placement of the Sun.

Health Benefits of Ruby Manik Gemstone

  • The Sun is considered as the monarch of the solar system, superior to all other astrological planets, and is the symbol of fire and brightness.
  • It represents courage, power, ambition, authority, and generosity, making a person optimistic and royal, in case Sun is auspicious for him.
  • On the other hand, if Sun is negative for the wearer, it can lead to a series of health problems related to blood and heart, such as irregular blood pressure, cardiac problems, and hemorrhage. One may also suffer from lack of concentration and eye problems.
  • The effects of the ill-placed Sun can be nullified by wearing an auspicious ruby ring or pendant, which you can buy from a trusted seller of ruby, such as
  • The precious and brilliant Ruby gemstone is the representative of the Sun and has the ability to pacify the ill effects of a malefic placement of the Sun in the horoscope of the native.
  • According to Chakra healing, this potent gemstone is linked to the Heart Chakra. Consequently, a ruby with curative powers can help you deal with related health problems.
  • The powerful healing gemstone ruby can also be used to combat some ailments like high and low blood pressure and problems of the heart, eyes, brain, and lungs.
  • It promotes cleansing of blood and good health of heart and liver.
  • By detoxifying the blood, ruby can improve blood circulation and treat fever. Emotionally, too ruby has its benefits, such as bringing confidence, positiveness, and courageousness for the wearer. Therefore, the mystical gemstone ruby can be effective for bringing good health for the wearer.
  • While you can wear a ruby in many kinds of jewelry, the most effective option to obtain the benefits of ruby is to wear a ruby ring or pendant.
  • The best of valuable gemstone ruby comes from Burma and some of them may be even more valuable than diamonds.

You can buy ruby gemstoneand wear it as per the rituals, for which you can take the guidance of an expert astrologer. To get regular updates on positive aspects of wearing a ruby, you can subscribe to the newsletter.

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