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Difference Between Wedding Ring & Engagement Rings

Often times a simple but pertinent question that what is the difference between the engagement ring and wedding ring puts many sharp and highly intellectual minds in a fix.

The dilemma situation surfaces because in the real world these two words seem to have used interchangeably in everyday vocabulary. Eventually, it becomes bitten off more than you chew for some people to outline the difference between the wedding ring and engagement ring.

However, in existence, both these terms have different meaning and significance which is being outlined in the below paragraph.

Engagement Rings:

Let’s first understand the meaning of engagement ring. An engagement ring is willfully given to someone at the time of the marriage proposal. Traditionally, an engagement ring is presented to a woman by her lover on the blissful occasion of the proposal and it is expected of her to wear this ring from the proposal day onward.

Having an engagement ring on her finger display to the entire world that she is taken and committed to her partner. This delicate looking engagement ring can be adorned with the third finger of left hand. The diamond is considered to be the most elegant and mesmerizing metal to set engagement ring in.Engagement Rings

Besides diamond nowadays girls please wear gemstone studded engagement rings such as blue sapphire engagement ring and yellow sapphire engagement rings are quite famous across women. The engagement rings are donned in the finger to invite true love and harmony in your love life.

Wedding Rings:

Alike engagement ring the wedding ring also possesses the traditional significance. It is also subscribed in the third finger of the left hand. The wedding ring is expected to be exchanged between the partner during the wedding ceremony.

In comparison to the engagement ring, a wedding ring is worn by both partners on the third finger of their left hand and expected to wear it for their lifetime.

Since the wedding ring is also desired to be worn on the same finger as an engagement ring so many brides shift their engagement ring on the third finger to vacate the place for the wedding ring.

Unlike an engagement ring which persists a valuable gemstone or diamond in the center, a wedding ring is a simple band composed of diamond or gold.

The wedding ring holds traditional as well as symbolic value. The circular shape of the ring denotes infinity and eternity and comprising the hole in the ring signifies the lead door to happiness and pleasing events in the future. Giving someone a wedding ring implies the lifelong commitment and never-ending love.

Wedding Rings

Since the wedding band is customarily the flashier and more indulgent ring of the two, most ladies wear the wedding band on their left-hand ring fingers.

Numerous ladies will wear their wedding rings stacked underneath the wedding band too, while a few ladies decide to just wear one ring to speak to both.

Hence, one can wear engagement rings and wedding ring at the same time either in the same finger stacked over each other or in the third finger of the right hand.

Cost of the engagement ring and wedding ring:

The cost of the engagement ring and wedding ring entirely depend upon your pocket and will to spend. Technically speaking the cost of a wedding ring or engagement ring depends upon the material to be used, its size, quality, and your location.

Comparing the engagement ring and wedding ring clearly indicates the win of engagement ring because an engagement ring is composed of diamond and at least a costlier gemstone.

On the other hand, a wedding ring is a simple band of diamond or gold without having any diamond or expensive gemstone studded into it.

Above all this, a wedding ring or an engagement ring bespeaks the unity and bond that you both have committed to one another on the occasion of your wedding day.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you gift your partner an extravagant or lavishing engagement ring or wedding band even an understated ring or band will serve the purpose.

Because irrespective of the price of wedding or engagement ring this jewelry item will remain close to your heart because it will bespeak your commitment to one another as a married couple.


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