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Why Rings Are Preferred To Wear Gemstones For Astrology?

Why Rings Are Preferred To Wear Gemstones For Astrology? Being an insider of gem industry, I have heard this question many times from people. How does gemstone actually works i astrology and why it is being considered more important to embed gemstones in the ring rather than any other form of jewelry such as pendants, necklace or bracelet?

According to me, the main reason why people run after or craves for gemstones is due to their enrich properties (astrological properties) that are being commercialized or hyped by some gem dealers in such a manner that an individual thinks these gemstones are key of their all problems.

And, unfortunately, to some extent, they have been successful in injecting this thought in a layman mind. However, the main intention of writing about this is to spread awareness that how these gemstones work. And why rings are being conferred the most significant metal to embed gemstones in.

How Gemstone Really Works?

As per astrology or planetary gem therapy, there are nine gemstones which relates with nine decisive planets of the solar system such as Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, And Moon (as per Indian astrology).

These nine planets have the ability to make a tenacious impact on the life of a living creature. However, the impacts by these substantial planets are entirely specified by the presence of these planets in the specific positions in the horoscope of a person .

By virtue of this, if the position or location of planets at benign houses in the horoscope of a person will favorably invite felicitous results in the life of a person. Moreover, as per science the planets in the solar system have the capability to influence the life of living creatures up to certain limits.

Since the nine planets which are available in the solar system. which emits light or a beam of light. This beam of light intrinsically influence or create the impact on the life of all living creatures.

Gemstone Relates To Planets :

It is essential to control the amount of light that emits by these potent planets. Since absorbing this light in low or large quantity can create problems for human beings. Hence, in order to regulate the quantity of the beam of light in the life of a person. One needs a weapon to control or regulate this light.

Here comes, astrologers as well as gem experts confirms that these gemstones intakes the maximum amount of light. And regulate this light in such a way for a user so that he/she attains the maximum number of benefits out of wearing these stones.

Besides this, in order to accumulate the benefits a person should wear only that specific gemstone. That intake maximum amount of light emitted from specific planets. There are different gemstones that intake different quantity of light from different planets. One has to select that particular stone which absorbs or possess maximum light from a respective planet.

For example, Saturn emits rays that absorbs by different gemstone. However, in different ranges or quantities, but blue sapphire stone intakes the maximum amount of light. Therefore, a person who wants to ensure the blessings of Saturn should wear blue sapphire stone. Since it is the most benevolent gemstone for this planet.

Gemstone prove more effective when embedded in Rings

The rings are referred to be more benign to embed gemstones in comparison with other jewelry items due to the following fact that as per astrology each planet has authorized significant position of the human palm. Besides this, each finger of human recognizes with different mountains that reflect their association with different planets.

And, favorably, these mountains draw the attention of planets more than any other organs of the human body. Therefore, when gemstones stud or fix in the rings, they attract a higher amount of light from different planets.

Another important fact that encourages to adopt gemstones rings is due to the fact that fingers are confirmed to be one of the most sensitive parts of the human body which convey signals to the brain in seconds or extremely fast.

Besides this, rings prove more benevolent in comparison to other jewelry items. Because when a gemstone fix on the ring it touches the skin of its wearer to transmit the beam of light in the life of human beings to secure the positive results from gemstones respective planets.

By virtue of the above explanation, it is clear that rings are the best jewelry item to fix gemstone in. And it succeeds its subsequent jewelry items such as pendants, necklaces or bracelets.


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