Cats Eye

Cats Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia) For Relationships


Living in a society and nurturing healthy relationships therein is a part of a happy and satisfying existence for human beings. Besides practicing the virtues of co-existence in the society, the human race depends on other means of improving relationships too, one of them being astrology.

One of the gemstones which can help to improve relationships and social life is Cats Eye or Lehsunia. Cats Eye gemstone gets its unusual name from its striking resemblance with the eyes of a cat, manifested in the physical form of a prominent beam of light running through the center of this honey-colored stone.

A kanak keth Cats Eye stone is considered to be the best in terms of quality and benefits brought by it. Wearing this effective gemstone can nullify the evil effects of Ketu and bring harmony in relationships. For learning about the positive influence of Cats Eye on human relations, we will have to learn more about the planet related to it.

How Ketu influences Human Nature and Relationships

Ketu refer to as the Tail of the Dragon, is a shadow planet. Ketu lacks a physical body, yet is powerful in nature because of its karmic influence. It is an influential planet, which signifies spirituality and bestows wisdom, values and intuitive powers on the native.

An auspicious Ketu makes a native benevolent in the society. While a malefic placement of this planet can result in broken relations, cheating, and mental disturbance. This means that the inauspicious placement of this planet can hinder the social life as well as relationships of a native.

A Cats Eye gemstone absorbs the cosmic energies of the planet Ketu. Also This helps the native overcome the problems caused due to its negative influences. Therefore, a natural Cats Eye stone can be worn as a remedial measure for ill-placed Ketu.

Positive Social Benefits of Wearing a Cats Eye Stone

Wearing a Cats Eye Ring have several proven positive influences on human nature, which in turn can go a long way in enhancing his relationships. It improves the emotional balance of a person, by giving him wisdom and intellect.

Self-acceptance and ability to take challenges head-on are other benefits of wearing this potent stone Cats Eye. By promoting these virtues, this stone can help the wearer bring harmony and positiveness in his relationships. The exquisite gemstone Cats Eye is believed to bring happiness from the side of children to the native.

Cats Eye is quite a volatile gemstone brings immense power and sudden results. It means that it should wear only after proper consultation with an astrologer.


Additionally, make sure that you wear a good grade untreated Cats Eye stone for getting feasible results. Buying a certified Cats Eye gemstone is a good idea. For this purpose, approach a reliable online seller like To get more updated information on the fascinating Cats Eye gemstone, subscribe to

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