Gemstones Value To Our Customers is one of the leading supplier and retailer of natural gemstones. We provide 9 different types of precious gemstone and 7 different types of the Semi-Precious gemstone. We provide only certified gemstone to our customers worldwide at wholesale price.

We are the wholesale supplier of gemstones and associated with many jewelers and astrologers for their gemstone needs. 9Gem have physically more than 2000+ dealers at B2B Level and Lacs of Loyal satisfied customers are a part of our successful journey.

There are around 15,000 products listed online on our store at contains Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Coral etc.

9Gem provide real, natural, unheated and untreated gemstone to our customer. We receive 100% satisfaction result from our customers.

Our excellent customer service and above all else, you can be sure that you receive the absolute best quality gemstones confidently. We’re even listed as a top recommended colored precious gemstone supplier by GemLab Laboratories. With — What you see is exactly what you get!

Yellow Sapphire Packing

Why Our Product Are Authentic:

We have a large collection of gemstones, but still, Every Gemstone is Unique in its own way. Each and every gemstone is issued by special 8 digit GIN number which helps to identify the gemstone. This number provides the full detail of the gemstone to the customer.

Gem Certificate:

We provide natural gemstone to our customers along with genuine gem certification. In the Certificate, all the information related to a gemstone which you want to buy is shown on it. Like:

• GIN number of products you buy
• Gemstone weight
• Gemstone Length
• The shape and its Color

Sample Emerald Certificate


We also provide information related to treatment that there is no harmful treatment performed and our stone is totally natural. You can also see Gemlab authentication stamp.

Refund Policy:

9Gem also provide Refund and return policy to our customers. Please check our website for more details about the return and refund policies.


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