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A Complete Guide To Basra Pearl Stone

A Basra pearl Gemstone is made out of calcium carbonate, which is discharged by a shellfish after it experiences an aggravation.

Common Pearl Gemstones, however infrequently found, are viewed as the most impeccable of pearls. Basra pearls Gemstones are particularly found in the Indian Ocean and are otherwise called Basra pearl.

Finding a Basra Pearl Gemstone was extremely uncommon and exceptionally troublesome. The Basra Pearl Gemstone is noted for its light dissipating impacts and its virtue.

It’s attached to the Zodiac sign Cancer. Wearing a pearl makes one respect his special character and quiets down one’s feelings and brain.

Basra Pearl Stones

Properties Of Basra Pearl:

Formula:  CaCO3
Color:  White, Pink, Silver, Golden, Yellow, Cream, Brown
Mohs Scale:  3.0
Luster:  Fine
Appearance:  Bright transparent when polished

How It Is Differ From Normal Pearl Stone:

Basra pearl stone is easily identified from other pearls through its shape, size, and color. Normal pearl stones are round in shape, but it is in the irregular shape with a yellowis tint. Some Basra pearls have a pinkish tint too.

Use in jewelry:

Nowadays, Basra Pearl is very popular in the fashion world. It’s embedded in Rings, Pendants, Heavy Necklace, Bracelets, and Anklets, etc.

Everyone loves to wear Basra pearl. The beautiful shape, size, and color of Basra pearl appeal to everyone. Pearl will never go out of style. Pearl jewelry definitely gives you a charming and shining look with most outfits.


Basra Pearl or Moti stone represents the Moon in Vedic Astrology. Moon indicates quietness, quiet, love and happiness like a mother.

It helps to attain peace of mind, serenity, knowledge, honesty, the most profound sense of being and humility. It can be extremely advantageous for the individual of the Cancer sun sign.

Wearing Basra Pearl:

Pearl is a precious and fascinating gemstone. When you are wearing Basra Pearl some important points should be kept in mind.

Firstly, clean your pearl with soap or cleanser with soft and should be worn on the little finger embedded in gold or silver on a suitable day as per your astrologer suggest.

Benefits of Basra Pearl:

  • Basra Pearl (Moti) helps to attain peace and reduces anger.
  • Provide love and empathy in one’s life.
  • It symbolizes virtue and is likewise called as “stone of reliability”.
  • It brings harmony and peaceful environment at home.
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