Top Misconceptions About Lab Created Gemstones

Gemstones in jewelry are most attractive. They actually mean something different to each wearer. For some, they’re badges of wealth and success. They are meaningful as Birthstones for some. For some People, they are traditional power, or simply love as a favorite signature color. But buying gemstones are usually considered to be a costly affair. The common fear that People have while buying the stone that they might turn out to be a fake gemstone. People consider that lab-created gemstones are usually fake Gemstones. People usually avoid these stones.

Here are some Misconceptions about Lab created gemstones are:

Lab created gemstones are usually cheap

If a stone is truly lab created, it will mirror the natural stone in every way. Normally a stone is grown from a crystal seed. If the stone is being tested the result will be the same as a naturally mined stone and it may be less commonly accepted flaws because of some controlled conditions.

Lab created gemstones are not real

These gemstones are 100% genuine gemstone. Fake gemstones are commonly made of glasses, glass mixes, CZ that gets colored to look like naturally mined stones. They never get tested. Many retail sellers represent stones by saying that they are lab created, but in reality, they are not more than a colored glass.

Lab Created gemstones are not Astrologically Proved

According to mythology, all these gemstones had been grown by nature in the body of demon king “Bali” who was a unique creature and when these gemstones came out, it was a symbol of victory of the Gods over the Demons.

Lab Created Gemstones are Prone to damage

It is supposed that gemstones which are manufactured in the laboratory can be easily broken or damaged. If that was the case, most of the gem buyers would have found complaining about gemstone damage.

Because 90% of the stones are being treated or created inside the lab. Therefore, it is not authenticated to state that all these gemstones are easily breakable.


Lab created gemstones does not have any inclusions

People often presume that lab created gemstone do not have any inclusions which are not true. Every gemstone possesses some sort of inclusion within its chemical composition. Also, Few inclusions are nefessary for a gemstone to appear graceful.

However, others may deteriorate the overall value of the stone. Even a natural gemstone also contain some inclusions. So, it is unfair to speculate that these gemstones does not have any inclusions or additions.

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