Health Benefits of Coral Gemstone (Moonga)

The benefits of gemstones for bringing improvement in health have been professed for centuries. Red coral or moonga is one of those gemstones, which are revered for their curative benefits.

This is an amazing organic gemstone (rather than a mineral one), formed by the skeletons of gelatinous marine animals called polyps.

Like a pearl gemstone too is a magical stone which is a precious gift of the sea. Despite being formed of soft skeletons, the durability of red coral gemstones is remarkable.

From an astrological point of view, wearing red coral gemstone enables the native to overcome the ill-effects of malefic placement of planet Mars or Mangal in his horoscope.

You can consult an astrologer to find out whether this gemstone will be compatible with you or not. A reliable website for this purpose is

Here we are sharing you some healing qualities of coral gemstone

Influence of Planet Mars (Mangal) on Heath

Mars or Mangal is considered as the planet of war and energy and it has been given the status of commander-in-chief among the nine planets of the solar system.

A debilitated Mars can cause Mangal Dosha in the horoscope of the native, which may be manifested in the form of multiple health problems, like those of blood, bone marrow, kidney, bladder, and genitals.

It also indicates injuries, cuts, wounds, and operations. All these problems related with malefic Mars can be combated with a miraculous healing coral stone.

Medicinal Value of Coral Gemstone

The precious coral gemstone is recommended for those natives who want to appease the planet Mars and combat the problems and diseases caused by its ill placement in their horoscopes.

The gemstone has some amazing curative properties and indicates good health, to such an extent that it can change its color when the wearer suffers from any kind of physical illness.

Basically, this red colored gemstone is considered useful for alleviating diseases related to blood, such as anemia, blood infections, and allergies, besides boosting the immunity levels of the wearer.

Healing red coral gemstone is believed to purify as well as increase blood levels in the body. Additionally, it can protect the wearer against problems like typhoid, weakness, cough, bronchitis, wounds and bile ailments.

The amazing coral gemstone is also linked with genitals and is considered effective for preventing miscarriages, painful childbirth as well as menstrual disorders in women.

Additionally, the exquisite red coral can be a perpetual source of energy and stamina for the wearer, which has the ability to boost his confidence and dynamism.

It provides protection from bad dreams, excessive anger, and mental depression too. The red coral gemstone is also recommended for children suffering from poor health due to malnutrition.

The best quality coral comes in deep red color, though it is available in other colors too, like scarlet, pink, saffron and vermilion red.

Italian red coral is considered to be of the best quality, while other countries such as USA, Tunisia, Australia, China and Japan also supply coral gemstones.

The red coral ring is to be made of gold or silver to provide maximum benefits. The best way to buy a pure and certified coral gemstone is to get it from reliable websites.


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