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Suitable Gemstones For Each Magick Finger


There is no denying the fact that hands are indispensable parts of the human body, but apart from performing the essential functions of grabbing, grappling and holding things, there is a lot more which hands do that you may not be aware of. Each finger in each of your hands channelizes energy of suitable gemstones from the universe and brings it to you.

Keep reading to know what all energies you are channelizing when you wear a ring on a specific finger, and also to find out the best gemstones for each finger.

Gemstone For Thumb:

Even though the thumb doesn’t govern by any planet, it still represents willpower, logic, ego and brings self-trust, assurance and a sense of identity. It connects to the inner heart of a person. Wearing a ring on the thumb improves will power and to give a boost to the ego. Ideal stones for a thumb rings are ruby gemstone and garnet.

Gemstone For Index finger:

The index finger relates with the planet Jupiter, which also represents growth, good fortune, and opportunities. Wearing a ring on this finger will help you with leadership skills and will bring high confidence. The perfect stone to be worn on the index finger is Yellow Sapphire gemstone which should ideally be worn on the right hand.

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Gemstone For Middle Finger:

Saturn rules this finger, and by wearing a ring on this finger will make your more focus to your work. Gemstones that are perfect to be adorned with the middle finger of your right hand are a blue sapphire gemstone, diamond and hessonite.

Gemstone For Ring Finger:

The Sun governs the ring finger. No doubt that it is the most loved finger due to its direct connection to the heart. It is the favorite finger for jewelry makers because wedding rings wears on this finger. It represents creative energy and plays a positive role in the matters of the heart. An individual should wear gemstones like ruby, red coral gemstone, cats eye on the ring finger of the right hand.


Gemstone For Little Finger:

Controlled by planet Mercury, this finger represents communication, the flow of ideas and thinking. It is believed that wearing stones like emerald gemstone and pearl stone on the little finger of the right hand could help the wearer in improving communication and thinking better.

Now, that you know which finger needs which gemstone, go ahead and make the most of this information. Change your life with the right gemstone rings.


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