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9Gem – Natural Gemstones For Astrology & Jewelry

9Gem – Natural Gemstones For Astrology & Jewelry
9Gem – Natural Gemstones For Astrology & Jewelry

9Gem – Natural Gemstones For Astrology & Jewelry, If you want to buy a natural certified gemstone, you have landed in the right place. is regarded to offer natural gemstones to all its customer’s all over the world at wholesale price.

It is one of the reliable online gem stores that has gained the reputation in the gemstone market because of its features that distinguish this online gemstone company from its contemporary.

Wide Range Of  Natural Gemstones For Astrology And  Jewelry:

Wide Range Of  Natural Gemstones For Astrology And  Jewelry
Wide Range Of  Natural Gemstones For Astrology And  Jewelry can proudly announce that it offers real and natural gemstones to its customers along with attached certification, which is being given by GemLab Laboratories (a gemstone certification lab).

This online gem selling site has more than 15000+ products under their belt, which is the largest collection you will find only with 9Gem.

In case if you won’t believe you may personally visit, your eyes will be wide open to see 15000+ products and along with each gemstone certification is attested and price, cut, description is also given that make the site user-friendly.

Now you must be thinking that how gemstone certification offers by is different from other company’s certificate. Gemstones can use for the astrology purpose. You can take advice from our expert astrologers about your gemstone recommendation report.

You will get pure astrological gemstones with proper wearing information and rituals that you need to follow before going to wear that stone.

Gemstones mined directly from the sources and also useful  for the jewelry making all over the world. So we are also proving gemstones that can use in the jewelry making as well.

9Gem have many satisfied customers and supplying gemstones for astrologers, jewelry makers, jewelry designers and gemstone collectors. Gemstones export all over the world.

Why I Trust For Buying Gemstone Online?

The is dealing in the field of gemstone for more than a decade. They have a dedicated team and experts who work consistently hard to provide the best customer services and quality gemstones for jewelry making and astrology.

If you still can’t believe, you may visit and find out that how each gemstone has been attested a certificate and the actual photo of the product with the tagline “What you see is what you get” and they firmly believes in it.

Why I Trust For Buying Gemstone Online?
Why I Trust For Buying Gemstone Online?

24*7 Customer Support:

The has a dedicated online team that works 24*7 and help their customers and client to find the right product. You may either chat with them or call them.

They will provide you with instant support that turns out to be the biggest plus point for this company. Moreover, if you any question you can without hesitation ask for them, they will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Birth Chart And Astrology Report:

Along with gemstone, the has a committed team of astrologers and gem experts who assist all those individuals who want to wear a gemstone for the astrological reason.

The astrologers read the birth chart of an individual and suggest him/her that which gemstone will suit them.

Professional Team:

In every stone tests by an expert gemologist. There are many companies who have installed machines and avoid testing stone manually, however, testing stone manually is more valuable than the machine.

A gem expert who manually tests and investigates each stone can provide exact details of the gemstone.

However, in the case of, they are working in the field of Gemology for more than a decade. Moreover, they have a separate team of highly acclaimed genealogists who inspect stone, meticulously before issuing a certificate to it.

 Gem Testing Laboratory:

GemLab Laboratories offers complete testing of each 9Gem gemstone. Being in the field of Gemology, they have advanced techniques and laboratories inspect gemstone.

Precisely, while inspecting a gemstone they consider the following points: all the properties of the gemstone, inclusions, gemstone cutting, gemstone origin, basic Crystallography.

Moreover, they even consider the color properties of the stone, thermal conductivity, refractive index. For more information about gemstone testing you may check this site:


What You See Is What You Get:

As I have already discussed with you that 9Gem is being authorized by GemLab Laboratories to issue the certificate. Soon our website, you will find every single stone with an attested original gem lab certification.

We are proudly claimed that what you see is exactly what you get. Furthermore, in case if you purchase a gemstone from us.

You will be delivered the same product which you had ordered, each product has assigned a GemLab Identification Number through which you check whether the stone delivers to you is the same. That makes it more trusty and loyal.

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  1. Hello i to buy a yellow sapphire of 7.25 ratti . So how can i trust that the stone you deliver is original.please tell me?

    1. Hello Jindal, You will get natural yellow sapphire gemstone from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) along with the Gemlab Laboratories certificate. Please take help from our chat support executive for more details about the price, certification, delivery and shipping.

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