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Disadvantage Of Wearing Used Gemstone

Disadvantage Of Wearing Used Gemstone, gemstones are popular not only for its exotic color and superb physical properties, but it is highly valuable for its persisting astrological powers that assist its wearer to secure great heights in their lives.

Gemstone hold the great reputation in the field of astrology, astrologers suggest people wear different gemstones as per their affiliation with different planets of the solar system and the planetary positions of these planets in the horoscope of a person.


Thus, on the basis of their planetary positions, gemstones are classified into two parts

Compatible Gemstones:

These are those set of gemstones which shares positive or beneficial effects with the planets and endow positive results in the lives of its wearer when they adopts in the rings, necklace or pendants.

Incompatible Gemstones:

Are set of those gemstones which share malefic or ill relation with planets. They may bring dreadful results for its wearer. Therefore, it suggests that incompatible stone should avoid or ignore.

However, to earn favorable results by wearing the effective gemstones a person must seek consultation of a prominent astrologer who will analyze subtly that whether the particular stone which a person is going to wear will suit him on the basis of analyzing the particular stone on Lagna, planetary position of the planet in the birth chart of an individual, gemstone relation with the planet etc..

A suitable or acknowledged gemstone will bestow superlative results in the life of a person. It may invoke positive effects of the corresponding planet for which gemstone subscribed particularly. If a gemstone suit individual it will offer individual love, health, financial benefits, luck, prosperity, and wealth of short period of time.

What are Used Gemstones & Gemstone Reselling:

Over the years, a new unethical practice has commenced in the field of the gem market. Gemstone reselling means selling used gemstone for astrology and other purposes; however, being the part of gem market we strongly condemn this practice.

Since wearing a used gemstone can prove disastrous for its wearer because a gemstone has a limited or defined time period after that it becomes inactive and become unable to affect its wearer life in a positive way.

The maximum lifetime or duration of any gemstone is 3 to 4 years after that its magical powers deplete. Therefore, a old stone should not  purchase under any circumstances.

Disadvantages of Wearing Used Gemstones:

The legit gem dealers try to dodge their customers by selling them used gemstone. They ignore the fact that astrologers affirm that wearing a used stone can prove quite dangerous for its wearer. The ill-effects of wearing used gemstone.

  • A second hand gemstone depletes or lost all it’s magical properties. Therefore, it is not benevolent to wear a used gemstone to gain astrological benefits.
  • Old gemstone loses its shine and attraction because it was already In use for a long time. However, gemstone re-seller tries their level best to retain its original shine, but an experienced eye can easily identify the difference between a used and natural gemstone.
  • Gemstone like Blue sapphire and cat’s eye stone are affiliated with powerful planets like Saturn and Ketu which are conferred being dominated planet about them.
  • If they don’t suit a person can destroy his/her life by invoking destructive forces in his/her life. And, wearing a used gemstone, which has lost its constructive powers stir negative powers in the life of its wearer. Therefore, one must refrain from adopting a used gemstone. One should not buy a used gemstone.
  • Second hand gemstones are degradable products because they are already in use by someone. Thus, all the positive powers of the stone have already been drained by the first user of the stone. Therefore, one should not purchase a used gemstone.
  • A fake gem seller sells used gemstone because he/she does not get the proper supply of gemstones. Thus, in order to meet the demands of the user, they sell used stone that also on high price.

Thus, while buying a gemstone always prefer that gemstone trader who has a good reputation in the market. And also famous for selling natural gemstone. Also, ask for the gemstone certificate every time you are going to buy a gemstone online or offline from a jeweler.


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  1. Hello,
    I am wearing neelam stone, diamond and panna stone advised by astrologer and now i was advised to wear manik(ruby) stone. shall i keep all stones along with ruby??

  2. Dear Sir,
    Namasthe,,I am tarak.. Please guide and suggest Me I have Doubt regarding What I have to do blue Saphire Gem stone after completion of the sade sathi period.. Now i am wearing Blue saphire stone My Zodiac sign Is Tula Rasi Swathi Nakshtram… Is My Sade sati period completed or Not? If completed Please suggest me what i need to do the Blue saphire ring holding in my ring… Please guide me Guru… Thanking you sir

    1. Please consult with the astrologer. We can only help you in stone selection. For astrology questions, you need to take help from your astrologer.

      1. Hi, i was wondering if one can wear 2 stones of same gemstone? Eg. For mercury, two emeralds, one as pendant and one as ring?

  3. I am wearing blue saphire and emerald from last 5 months.with consultation of some astrologer. as soon as I wore it I got a job of quite good salary and I got relocated to the place of my choice. Many things came back to track.but I can feel that my marriage related issues are still unresolved and getting worse day by day. That part remains unaffected by my stones. Someone said that emerald delays marriages. Can wearing an emerald be a reason of delay in marriage ? Can emerald and blue saphire be worn together? Please provide details of the astrologer to whom I can consult.

    1. Astrologer recommends the gemstones after checking the planetary position in your birth chart. Plese consult with an astrologer again and then make a decision on the wearing or not wearing gemstone.

  4. I was using yellow sapphire for almost 6-7 years. About 4 years back the stone came out of ring. After that I stopped using that stone & ring for almost 4 years. Can I reinstall the stone in new ring and start using it again? If yes what should be ritual i need to do before wearing the stone and ring again

    1. Most of the stone has an age of around 3 to 4 years. You need not to wear that stone again. Take advise from astrologer for stone wearing and then buy a new stone that can help you in a better way.

  5. Hi sir iam varun ,I am wearing navaratna ring ,
    my doubt is,
    1.I need to wear regularly
    2.if using regularly,when eating non veg is there any problems because iam wearing my right hand,another doubt,
    3.while sleeping /sex with my wife,is there any problem.

    1. 1. You need to wear regularly.
      2 & 3. Astrologer always guide about such things at the time of gem recommendations. As per my point of view you can not eat non veg with sliver/panchddatu ring.


  7. My DOB is 30-8-1984. I don’t know exact timing but its between 8-10am. Please suggest me should i wear panna or not. Because i am wearing panna and i am facing health problem since 1 year also i am facing personal issue too. Please suggest me what should i do.

    1. Please don’t wear any stone without the expert consultation services from astrologers. Please visit one of the local astrologers. We are Gemologists and will not be able to help you in this. We provide gem recommendations services with the help of third-party astrologers. Please contact at for more details.

  8. So, I wore this Emerald on 1st sep 2017 but now I’ve been feeling uneasy kinda depressed feel like crying on every small issues, also want to study but unable to concentrate and there is a constant fear that something bad is going to happen or I would loose the one Dearest to me. I’m having mood swings and sometimes there is no reason. Please help what should I do, should I wait for further 1 month for its result to come out or should I remove it. Please suggest badly in need of help.

    1. Please consult with your astrologer who suggested you to wear this stone after birth chart readings. Also let him know what is happening with you after wearing the stone.

  9. My dob is 14/07/1980. Day was Monday. Morning 6.05am Born. Guntur. In Andhra Pradesh. My life is totally blocked from all sides. Even no home husband left staying with parents me and my 2 kids. Even trying to work but still struggle. Currently wearing moti in my left hand small finger please suggest me as someone said me to wear a stone for Rahu also.. Thnku please help me

    1. First you need to consult with expert astrologer before wearing any stone. Blogs are just to inform you about the stone and its features. It is highly recommended to wear any natural gemstone after birth chart readings. Please send us a mail on for more details.

  10. Hi sir,
    My name is Latha i’m wearing red coral ring in my right ring finger
    I’m wearing this ring from 2009 and in 2013 I felt like coral lost it’s power and then i wore yellow sapphire for 10 months and I lost it after my baby was born and then I felt to wear red coral ring dipped in Ganga jal holy water then i’m reusing after that we brought a home in states.
    I’m not working since I moved to states before that I worked in one of the MNC company in India
    My marriage life is perfect but I’m feeling pretty bad for not getting job/earring my question is whether I need to buy new coral or do I need to buy another gemstone please reply me

  11. I m sachin belvalkar from Mumbai. My birth date is 1 January 1982. Time 8:30 pm Mumbai.I m divoced in 2015. I need your stone suggestion for my marriage.

    1. I think you really need to consult with expert astrologer. As our gem recommendation services are paid and done by the expert astrologer. Please let us know if you are interested in the services. Please contact us at

  12. Dear Sir,

    I am wearing pukhraj since last ten years.. Do you think it i should discontinue ? Also, it is broken from inside has a small crack.. Does it effects us negatively.

    Please guide

    1. Any stone have age of not more then 3 to 4 years. Please buy new pukhraj stone from good stone seller. You can also check from our store as well. You will get natural stone along with the pooja and certificate. Visit

  13. Dear Sir
    I was wearing blue sapphire for the last 3 year.
    But on last Friday 23rd June 17.. I lost it in the waterfall as I went to enjoy there… I tried to search a lot but could not find it back… I was wearing the stone in a gold chain…sir my question is, will there be any lose or problem to me as I lost it? Kindly answer

  14. Dear sir,

    My name : Rajesh Balakrishnan Unni
    Date of Birth : 2nd December 1969
    Place of Birth : Kalyan (maharashtra)
    Time of Birth : 10.03 am.

    Presently I am wearing Opal – 3 carat stone on my little finger, but I was told to wear Blue Sappahire if my time of birth comes (10.07 am) and Yellow sappahire if my time of birth comes (10.03 am) I am now totally in confused stage. Kindly help me.

    1. Please take help from astrologer as he will better guide you in this. Our gem recommendation services are not free as these services are provided by the third party astrologers.

  15. I have gave my friend my blue spohire for a day what will be the effect on me when i wear it again

  16. My name is Shailendra.
    Time-08:00 AM
    Place of birth- Patan, Dist: Jabalpur, State: M.P.
    Current & Permanent Residence: Manewada Square, Nagpur city , Maharashtra.
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had already worn a blue sapphire substitute known as Neelwarn on the recommendation of an astrologer from jabalpur for almost 3-4 year’s and then removed it as another astrologer from Indore asked me to wear Emerald in last finger for business, instead of blue sapphire as it seemed like developed crack in it. So I removed it.
    My rashi suggests me to wear a combination of diamond, emerald & Blue sapphire for better prospect.
    I have purchased a shop on a connecting road in a upcoming developing market in Nagpur in January 2017. But failed to get material & equipment to start my businesses for past 04 months due to zero finance support. Parents, relatives & friends have failed repeatedly to provide me a sum of Rs 50 thousand to avail a businesses loan of Rs 02 lack in the form of PMEGP (Prime Minesters Employment Generation Program) for starting my Food shop.
    Some how I will get it sooner or latter.
    But my question right now is “Can I reuse or can I wear again that same old blue sapphire” weighing 6.5 carret which I removed in 2015 back by doing proper rituals again. I have got reframed it in a new size & metal of Panchdhatu. I feel this might work for me again some how. But with proper consultation, so I am writing to you.
    Please advice me.
    Please provide me your third party consultation service to get me proper guidelines.

  17. i am advised to wear pitambari.but the one i bought has blemishes on it.the jeweller said it will not effect the powers of the stone as its on the outer it true??

    1. First question from my end is did he provide you the gemstone certificate? If yes then its ok else you have to check the authenticity of the stone.

      Pooja, we are Gemologist and will not be able to help you in astrological questions. For this you have to consult with expert astrologer. We provide third party consultation services to some of our customers but that are chargeable. Please let us know for any more query.

  18. I m wearing aquamarine and red coral together. Is that advisable to do so. And can I wear 24hours . Or do I have to remove it while sleeping. Bcoz some times I get wired dreams while wearing it.

    1. You need to consult with astrologer for this. As we are in gemstone selling and can only provide you information about the stone. For astrological queries we can arrange an astrologer for you…if you are interested please let us know.

  19. I brought panna/emerald almost 6 years ago, and have been wearing it since then .. it has normal wear & tear, tiny scratches. The ring has fallen off my finger several times since last year..I just love it.. I started believing in gemstones after wearing it. But i have started to see that its not working its magic anymore & causing me depression and other side effects..
    Can I re-energize it (dip the ring in raw milk, chant mantras) and wear it again? Or keep it in locker and wear it after few years?

    I would really appreciate any information or help on this. Thank you

    1. Thanks for writing about your problem to us. Every stone that you wear have a lifetime and a stone lost all its positive powers after 3 to 4 years. For any further queries, you have to consult with expert astrologer to get the help. We are Gemologists and will not help you to solve astrological problems. We can help you to select the best stone as per the recommendations and suggestions.

    1. We are Gemologists, so cannot provide your solution for astrological problems. Please consult with astrologer for the right solution. If you are looking for opal stone please check our store for the right choice.

  20. i brought opal gemstone in 2015, but i didn;t used it and kept it in a ring box safely. But presently as per my rashi, i can wear diamond or opal. so i am confused wheather to wear it again. Kindly advice.

    1. We are Gemologists and will not be able to provide solution for astrological problems. Please consult with astrologer for the right solution.

  21. I have worn Neelam (Blue Sapphire) and now I have got headache and kind of fever, I read these are the side effects of the stone so is it suitable for me or no? This stone is mentioned as my Bhagya stone in my Kundli, I have worn a silver ring in middle finger of my right hand and the stone is 4.55 carts

  22. I have lost my navaratna ring yesterday, what are the disadvantages if anyone wears that ring to me.
    I wearied that ring by performing puja to Navagraha in a temple.

  23. I’m confused that which Karat of Panna should I wear and what quality should I wear bcoz there r different cost of gems in Panna so please help .

    1. Hello Rajesh,

      If you are looking panna stone for astrological benefits, please consult with the expert astrologer. He will read your birth chart and let you know which stone is good for you. After that just visit our online store and select the stone that recommended to you as per your astrologer. We are here to help you for any type of gemstone related queries.

      Regards, Team

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