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Vedic Astrology Concept 2 – Different Types Of Dosh And Its Remedies

Vedic Astrology Concept 2- Different Types Of Dosh And Its Remedies
Vedic Astrology Concept 2- Different Types Of Dosh And Its Remedies

The destiny of every human taking birth on this earth is unique. This unique destiny is governed by the placements of different planets in their horoscope, There are various Dosha in astrology, which we have seen under the horoscope or Janam Kundli. The Horoscope has depended on the day and date, time and place of the birth of the person.

With the help of all these information, we will check the position horoscope of the individual. As per astrology, Dosha only occurs when the positions of planets and Zodiac signs are sitting in the unfavorable houses. Due to Sitting in the unfavorable houses they give us negative results.

For e.g. when the malefic planets Saturn, Rahu, and Mars are positioned in a specific house that they affect your good part of the Janam Kundli which ultimately creates Vedic astrology Dosha. The word Dosha is taken from the Sanskrit language. It is also believed that wearing gemstones may help the person to overcome the various types of dosha.

According to Vedic Astrology, each person’s horoscope has some effect on their life. Some of us have to face unfavorable Kundli doshas. However, there are various remedies for astrological dosha that can help us get rid of them. Let’s take a look at different types of dosha and their remedies.

Dampatya Badha Dosh

If a person is facing trouble in getting married or is having a difficult married life, then they may have Dampatya Badha Dosh in their Kundli. To enjoy a happy and blissful married life, such a person can try the following remedies.

Remedies for Dampatya Badha Dosh:

  • Effectively using the right astrology yantras/tantras;
  • Wearing favorable gemstones
  • Giving donations
  • Worshiping certain deities
  • Trying to eliminate or pacify the dosh

Nadi Dosh

As per astrology, Nadi Dosha occurs when the two people with similar Nadi get married. Nadi is the eighth aspects of the astrology that is considered while checking the horoscope matching with your partner. Parents who have Nadi Dosha in their Kundli chart, they give birth to a weak child.

If you have Nadi Dosh in your horoscope then you may have to face such a problem, Possibility of infertility in marriage, Couples could face health-related problems, There would be no love between the couple. So it must be taken seriously.

Remedies For Nadi Dosh

  • Chant Mahamrityanjaya mantra to overcome Nadi dosh
  • Donating to the Vedic priest cloth, some grains, and a cow
  • Organizing a Nadi dosh nivarana Puja
  • Marrying the proposed girl to Lord Vishnu first, and then to the husband desired by her.

Shrapit Dosh

This type of dosh occurs because of the placement of both Saturn and Rahu in a single house. This dosh can also take place due to Saturn’s aspects of Rahu. Shrapit means cursed, and this dosh is usually believed to happen because of a person’s bad deeds in their previous lives. There are some ways to treat this dosh. According to astrology, Blue Sapphire Gemstone is worn for the planet Saturn similarly Hessonite Gemstone is worn for planet Rahu.

Remedies for Shrapit Dosh:

  • Wearing right gemstones
  • Donating cooked rice balls with ghee to the cows
  • Selflessly helping and serving parents, aged and disabled people, as well as the poor
  • Worshiping Sri Ram and Hanuman
  • Donating money for the marriage of poor girls
  • Being patient and generous

Pitra Dosh

When Sun/Moon and Rahu and Saturn are located together in a house, then it may give rise to Pitra Dosh. This dosh may lead to several problems including personal, social and familial.

This dosh usually occurs because of the bad deeds are done by ancestors, unsatisfied souls of the ancestors/parents, or because of ill-treating parents in past lives. According to astrology, Ruby Gemstone if worn for planet Sun

Remedies for Pitra Dosh:

  • Offering balls made of cooked rice with ghee to cows, mainly on Saturdays
  • Worshipping Sri Ram
  • Selflessly serving parents, aged people, and the poor
  • Helping a poor or Brahmin girl to get married, either through money or by other means

Chandra Dosh

This dosh occurs due to the bad or weak placement of the Moon in a person’s horoscope. It may lead to emotional and financial troubles, relationship problems, etc. According to astrology, Pearl Gemstone is worn for planet Moon

Remedies for Chandra Dosh:

  • Reciting the Chandra Graha Mantra
  • Worshipping Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali on Mondays
  • Donating white things like white clothes, rice, white sandal, curd, pearls, and even silver, particularly on Mondays
  • Respecting females
  • Keeping a fast on Mondays

Kemadruma Dosha

This dosh may occur when there are no planets on both sides of the Moon in a person’s horoscope. It leads to depression, sadness, and financial troubles. There are ways to eliminate the bad effects of this dosh.

Remedies for Kemadruma Dosha:

  • Worshipping Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and Goddess Lakshmi
  • Wearing a silver Sri Yantra that has a pearl in it\
  • Fasting on Mondays, especially on days of Purnima

Business Badha Dosh

If a person is unable to expand their business or is experiencing losses and failure, then they may be experiencing Business Badha Dosh. Generally, progress and prosperity in trade experiences due to the favorable placement of planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Mars, and beneficial Rahu and Ketu. To treat this dosh, several astrological methods exist.

Remedies for Business Badha Dosh:

  • Wearing favorable gemstones
  • Using astrology yantras
  • Donating favorable things
  • Worshipping the lord

Gandmool Dosh

If a person is born under any of the six Gandmool Nakshatras (Constellations), then this dosh is present in their horoscope. Such a person causes  various problems, particularly to their parents and/or relatives.

Remedies for Gandmool Dosh:

  • Performing Gandmool Nakshatra Shanti Pooja
  • Pleasing and pacifying the Lord of the birth nakshatra


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