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Whenever people plan on buying something, they always try to look for the product which has the best quality and affordable price. Everyone wants to be assured of the quality of the product before spending their hard-earned money on it.

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So the question arises, what facts should be considered while buying natural Astrological gemstones? The idea of doing a survey before any purchase is even more important in the case of precious gemstones. If you searching on Google for “buying gemstone online, you will find a large number of dealers selling precious astrological gemstones.

Every dealer has a set of gemstone collection and claims to provide the best quality for the product it is offering. So why to choose Let us discuss some important factors about why 9Gem is a reliable and trustable source to buy precious gemstones:

Wide Collection of Astrological Gemstones is having a wide collection of natural astrological gemstones so easy to select your favorite one. You will find all the gemstones in four different grades. The gemstones available at 9Gem are Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye and Red coral. These all can be seen online in Standard, Fine, Premium and Super Premium grades.

Each gemstone has its grade-wise distributions so that each of our customers can buy it as per his pocket size. Our chat support executives are online 24×7 to provide the best customer support in the selection of natural gemstone. Gem recommendation services are also available.

Certified Astrological Gemstones

We offer certified gemstones approved by GemLab laboratories. 9Gem has collaboration with the gem testing laboratory Gem Lab, which mines gemstones from different sources of the world.

Therefore, 9Gem is the place where you will get a gemstone that has come directly from the mines i.e. it is not already used, resold or a synthetic gemstone. That is the reason our gemstones are best for astrological purposes.

Genuine Price Range

9Gem is having genuine prices for all types of precious gemstones such as sapphires, emerald, pearls and others as well. Sapphires, Rubies are considered to be the most expensive stones because of their rare presence and unique natural qualities.

They can be so expensive to get out of range for a common man. But at 9Gem we offer Rubies, Sapphires, and Emerald in their standard and fine range which are easily affordable for any person who wishes to buy them.

Non-Heated Non-Treated Gemstones

We provide real astrological gemstones with unheated and untreated effects that preserve gemstone’s natural effects. When buying gemstones for astrology, it is important that the gemstone you are going to wear must be in its natural form, it must not be a man-made or synthetic gemstone. 9Gem provides natural and certified gemstones that most beneficial for astrology purposes.

Gemstone Packing & Security Seal

Tamper-proof packaging is done in such a way that any interference can be recognized very easily. When you will get your product from 9Gem, it will include the certificate of the gemstone, the procedure of wearing gemstone written on a card and the gemstone itself. All these things are packed in such a way that no tampering is possible. Also, your product will be in the safe hands of top courier companies’ employees.


What We Offer To Our Customers

  1. We Believe in long-term relationships with our customers. “What you see is what you get” policy.
  2. We have 15000+ natural gemstones for you to choose from, that suit every occasion, mood, budget, need especially for astrology purposes.
  3. We take careful note of the latest gemstones trends and customer feedback to bring you the best gemstones.
  4. 100% transparency in each order we serve. All stones presented in the online store are live products for selling. There is no sample photos and videos to mislead the customers.
  5. Our gemstones are sold along with the seal of trust from Gemlab Laboratories. Not even we can touch the gemstone.
  8. We don’t deal with the reselling of gemstones therefor our gemstones are much better to use for astrology. We are selling natural gemstones and not the used ones (Reselling of gemstones). So be sure about the stone is fresh to use.
  9. Being an online store, we have no inventory handling costs and other extra charges. The costs saved here reflect in our incredibly low prices.
  10. We first opened our doors in 2003 with a jewelry showroom with the name Sehdev Jewellers in Amritsar and built our company on a strong foundation of superior trust and ethics. We take great pride in our reputation and offer only the highest quality sapphires and jewelry.
  11. We’re in the gemstone business because we love what we do. We have a passion for natural gemstones. We love to work with people who are as excited about our gemstones as we are!

If you want to check astrological gemstone collection, you can visit our online store at  

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