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The Benefits of Wearing Red Coral and White Coral Gemstones

Gemstones play a significant role in our lives. Therefore the planets in our natal chart are ruled by individual gemstones. In this context, our topic of discussion is the benefits of a coral gemstone known as Moonga. It is a stone ruled by Mars (Mangal). There are two different types of coral gemstones – red and white coral. 

Let us find out the benefits of these individual coral gemstones.

Benefits of wearing red coral gemstones:

  • Helps overcome obstacles: As Mars is considered the God of warfare and leads the armies of the Gods, wearing red coral is believed to support individuals conquer their enemies and competitors. Red coral conveys valuable courage and enthusiasm and eliminates fear allowing the wearer to surpass all obstacles in life.
  • Healing properties: To those individuals suffering from diseases like piles, boils, headaches, smallpox, or ailments related to blood, bone marrow, or lymph nodes, astrologers advise wearing red coral. It acts as a shield and protects the wearer from accidents, operations, and major surgeries. The energy emanating from the red coral gemstone helps lead to a healthy mind and body.
  • Establish harmonious relationship: Couples whose marital life is in trouble are advised to wear a red coral gemstone. The stone can help people suffering from Manglik Dosha. Therefore it drives out negativity and enhances the bonding and longevity of relationships by embracing peace and positivity.
  • Protection against negative energy: Our intuitions are influenced by powerful, mysterious, and negative energies. Wearing a red coral stone is believed to provide holistic protection from negative influences and remove black magic that might severely impact our lifestyle and personal growth.

Benefits of Wearing White Coral Gemstones

  • Boosts confidence: White coral gemstones are known to boost a person’s confidence. The wearer is no longer afraid to strike up a conversation, perform on stage, speak in public and even engage in a heated debate with other people.Therefore it improves communication and self-expression.
  • Brings success and glory: The confidence to voice opinions and take risks makes a person popular and trustworthy. These individuals are promoted to leadership roles since they can give commands and make people follow them. Such is the power of wearing a white coral gemstone.
  • Promotes mental stability: Many individuals feel tensed, intimidated, and suicidal in certain phases of their lives. These thoughts and restlessness get more organized when a person wears a white coral gemstone, as it claims that the mind enables a person to fight the negative thoughts revolving around them.
  • Purifies blood: Circulatory diseases are directly connected with blood’s fluid connective tissues. Impure blood can cause several diseases. Wearing a white coral gemstone helps purify the blood, improve blood circulation and prevent blood-related diseases.
  • Controls anger issue: A person suffering from anger, short-temperament, and lack of compassion can wear this gemstone for considerable improvement in these conditions. Moonga is believed to be an incredible help in bringing mental calmness and spiritual peace. Coral gemstone relieves energy that perfectly tunes your psychological health and helps develop a refined character.

Who can wear coral gemstones?

Those who have Mars in a comparatively beneficial position can wear Moonga. Therefore based on the zodiac signs of an individual, coral gemstone blesses sun signs like Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Pieces. But, gemstones should be adorned under the guidance of an expert astrologer to acquire maximum benefits. 

One must understand the functioning and impact of gemstones on the chakras.

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