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Emerald Stone: Birthstone of May Month | Buy Emerald Gemstone


The emerald stone has been revered since the earliest of times due to its bright green color. It is one of the most important gems regarding its astrological significance. The Emerald gemstone is the birthstone for individuals who were born in May. Anyone born in May can benefit greatly by wearing the Emerald stone.

Wearing emerald stone can bestow many great qualities that can bring social success. It can enhance the qualities of loyalty and faithfulness in a person and give rise to lasting and rewarding friendships.

Metaphysically, the emerald gemstone can boost one’s faith, memory, and prophecy. The emerald stone is also associated with numerous healing properties and can cure ailments of the spine and the eyes. It can also resolve fertility problems and headaches.  

1. How wearing an Emerald can be helpful

Also known as the Panna stone, the Emerald is particularly known to enhance a person’s mental capacities. This makes it ideal for students who are looking to attain academic brilliance. Emerald can help a person improve memory and concentration and learn various academic subjects in great depth.

It also calms the mind, brings inner peace, and allows one to absorb knowledge from various corners and sources. People born in May can truly reap the benefits of wearing Emeralds whether they choose to wear them during childhood or at a later stage.

2. Using emerald stone for personal improvement

The emerald stone can be worn by people from all walks of life looking to enhance their mental capacities. Whether one belongs to a financially affluent background or the middle-class social strata, one can benefit from wearing the emerald stone.

The jewelry pieces embedded with emeralds are also valued highly in the fashion world. Plenty of men and women with a thing for emerald gemstone jewelry prefer to wear them in their day-to-day lives.
The emerald stone is also regarded with great importance in astrological circles. Associated with the planet Mercury, the Emerald is prescribed to people whose birth charts the planet Mercury has been negatively afflicted by other planets.

It is useful to strengthen the position of a well-aspected Mercury. Apart from men and women born in May, people with the ascendant or rising signs of Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius can benefit greatly from wearing the emerald stone.

3. Positive influences of wearing Emerald

If you wear the emerald stone as a ring or pendant, it can help you improve your intellect, memory, speech, intuitive power, and wisdom.

Men and women with Mercury in a favorable position in the birth chart can benefit greatly from wearing the emerald. This can particularly help in creating a successful career in politics and oratory.

They can also find great success in any other profession requiring excellent communication skills, such as public relations, businesses, legal, interpreters, career guidance counselors, psychiatric counselors, etc.

The emerald is associated with friendship, generosity, and love. This means that wearing the emerald stone can benefit people in social situations and relationships.

The stone can also bring good health, happiness, and material wealth. A pregnant woman wearing an emerald is not going to endure prolonged labor. The emerald stone can also regulate and enhance blood circulation, leading to greater energy levels.

4. Buying emerald online

It is easy to find emerald gemstones online, as many online gemstone sellers offer authentic precious stones in different colors, sizes, and designs. If you want to buy an emerald online, you must learn everything about the store before buying one. You should also ensure that they provide you with the authentic certificate for the gemstone you buy.



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