Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Step By Step Procedure Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Step By Step Procedure Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

According to Vedic astrology yellow sapphire gemstone (Pukhraj stone) represent Jupiter Planet and it is also one of the most expensive gemstones on earth. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Everybody knows about it and people wear it for luxury or astrological purpose to get benefits from the planet Jupiter (as per Indian Vedic astrology). Jupiter is also known as Guru in Hindi. Pukhraj gives good health, wisdom, prosperity, financial gain, longevity, name & fame, and honored.

If Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope and giving you the benefits and good results, then you can wear yellow sapphire gemstone to get more blessings, but if you are facing heavy losses like financial losses in business then you must wear yellow sapphire stone.

But it is important to consult with your astrologer first before wearing yellow sapphire or any other stone. All stones have its unique advantages and positive powers. So in order to get the positive powers of the stone, you need to consult with an expert astrologer to check if a particular gem suits in your horoscope or not.

It is not quite easy to earn benefits from wearing pukhraj stone. It is very important to know about the right procedure of wearing yellow sapphire. Most of the people are unaware of the accurate procedure of wearing gemstones And, out of ignorance, they wrongly adopt this stone and sometimes which gives you malefic results instead of getting good results.

Thus, it is mandatory to consult with your astrologer before wearing any gemstone and also know about the accurate wearing methods of gemstones.

Ceylon Astrological Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 6.1 Carats (10.16 Ratti)
Yellow Sapphire 6.1 Carats (10.16 Ratti)


How To Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

Before wearing gemstones, one must be aware that, Stone is must be natural because synthetic gemstone gives you bad results instead of the good result, So always purchase high-quality gemstone for astrology purpose from a reputed gem dealer.

How To Purify & Active Yellow Sapphire Gemstone (Pukhraj)?

For purification and activation of yellow sapphire, dip your Pukhraj ring in honey, the Gangajal or milk for 10 to 20 mins for energizing the gem with prescribed mantra ॐब्रह्मब्रह्स्प्तियेनम:

What Is The Minimum Weight Of Yellow Sapphire?

To get a good result, The minimum weight of yellow sapphire (Pukhraj Stone) is between 3 Carat to 6 Carat. You also advised to wear the stone as per the body weight and proper suggestion from an expert astrologer.

In Which Finger Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Should Be Worn?

According to astrology generally it should be worn on Index finger of right hand.

Which Is The Best Day To Wear Yellow Sapphire?

According to Vedic Astrology, The person should wear yellow sapphire on Thursday in Shukla Paksha days.

What Is The Best Time To Wear Yellow Sapphire?

To get the blessings of Jupiter, You can wear yellow sapphire gemstone between 5 am to 7 am on Shukla Paksha days.

In Which Metal Yellow Sapphire Should Be Embedded?

For best results yellow sapphire, Pukhraj should be worn in gold, but if you can’t afford gold, you can make it in punch Dhatu also.

What are the Origins Of Yellow Sapphire?

The Origin of Yellow Sapphire is Eastern Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Madagascar, East Africa, and in North America and in a few locations of Montana.

What are the Benefits Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire is a sapphire gemstone and is known for their excellent color and physical properties.  There are some benefits of wearing yellow sapphire gemstones are:

  • Pukhraj is very beneficial for the ladies who have not found any good life partner or they are having many problems in getting married.
  • Yellow sapphire gemstone Pukhraj can help a lot as a healing stone in case of stomach ailments, weak digestive system, and jaundice.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire helps with better clarity, focus and therefore better decision making ability.
  • Wearing a natural yellow sapphire can keep an individual upbeat and hopeful.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire helps in the business and profession of gold and gold jewelry.

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