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Origin Of 9 Navratna Gemstones

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As per Indian astrology, there are nine principal gemstones that are being revered as “navratnas” in Hindi due to their intense capability of affecting the lives of all human beings. Generally, the nine gemstones are affiliated with the adequate planets of our solar system.

Each of these planets embodies enrich astrological powers that can hugely affect the life of human beings either positively or negatively as per their presence in the horoscope of human beings. Usually, the “Navratnas” or nine gemstones are discovered from different parts of the world.

In other words, the origins of these nine gemstones may vary largely. Therefore, in today’s post, we will discuss the origins of these nine gemstones.

Pearl Gemstone:

The pearl stone or “moti” is related to the potent planet Moon that signifies calmness, peace, health, wisdom. The pearl gemstone is mined or extracted from the various parts of the worlds. Since pearl gemstones are basically found near the seashores of different oceans. Therefore, the shape, size, and color of the pearl stones that are being extracted from different origins will not be identical.

Fresh Water Pearl
Fresh Water Pearl

Origins of Pearl gemstone.


In India, the “Moti” or pearl stone is chiefly spotted from south India. The pearl stone that is being extracted from here is named as”Tuti Korean”. This stone appears absolutely similar to cultural pearl stone.

Besides, South India, the other region in India from where pearl stone is being extracted is Darbhanga (Bihar). However, the quality of the stone is inferior in comparison with other origins pearl stone.

Sri Lanka:

Pearl Gemstone that is found from Sri Lanka is termed as “Kahil Moti”. This stone is extremely bright in color and appears elegant. And, the weight of the pearl stone is comparatively low in comparison with the other origins of this stone.


The pearl stone that is found in Mexico is dusky in color and the quality of the stone is inferior in comparison with other origins pearl stones.


The pearl stone found in this region is called a Basra Pearl gemstone. This stone appears to severely scintillating and the sphere of the stone is smaller comparatively.

Bay of Faras: the stone that is spotted in the area of far as is called Basra pearl. It is being revered or termed as the best quality pearl stone by the reason of its rave gleam and durability.

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Origins of Emerald  Stone:

Emerald or Panna stone is affixed to the substantial planet Mercury that is being regarded as the “Prince” among all available planets due to its immense qualities. The green color emerald gemstone is derived from the origins such as

Colombian Emerald Stone
Colombian Emerald Stone


In Austria, there is a veteran place Seldgeburg from where Panna stone is being extracted.


In India, the appealing green color emerald stone is found from a place like Ajmer. The color of emerald stone that is being located is extremely impressive and the gleam of the stone is lucrative. However, the hardness of the stone in comparison with Colombian gemstone is low.


Colombia has emerged as a new country that has recently commenced producing the emerald stone that even of good quality. In fact, a new product tripecci are introduced in the market.

The construction of triceppi is alike layers. Therefore, in order to produce an emerald gemstone, these layers are gritted upon lap and the emerald stone has been derived from the middle part of the tricepi. A Colombian emerald stone possesses minor imperfections.


America produces the fine quality of emerald stones. Even, the country is famous for producing the best quality emerald stones. The emerald stones found from this place are termed with the Bucks. Moreover, the color and the shape of emerald stones are best in every class. Consequently, American emerald is world famous.


Russia is also a major producer of emerald stone. There are innumerable numbers of mines available in Russia from where this excellent green gemstone is extracted. However, on the parameter of the quality, the emerald stone mined from Russia ranked after America.


The emerald stone which is spotted here is dusky in color and the shape of the stone is a mixture of green and black bottles. This stone is also termed as Baatli.


In Pakistan, there are located a few Mines from where the emerald stone is being extracted or mined. However, the Emerald stone which is found here appears dark in color and fragile.


The emerald stone which is found here is famous with the name of “Rhodesia”. The color of the Rhodesian emerald stone is dusky and imposes marks of foreign materials.

Origins of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone:

It is associated with the favorable planet Jupiter and it indicates prosperity, intellect, sound health, discerns, financial strength.

yellow sapphire stone
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


The yellow sapphire stone is extracted from the shells of granite in Russia. The yellow sapphire stone that is being mined from this area is generally blue in color and the quality of the yellow sapphire of Russia is trustworthy.


Usually, the yellow sapphire gemstone is treasured in the rocks of granite. Basically, the rocks of granite contain igneous material. The yellow sapphire gemstone is produced due to an extraction of fluorine gas and hot water.

Therefore, the yellow sapphire stones that are conceived from the rocks of Brazil is regarded to be the best quality yellow sapphire stone due to their excellent color characteristics and quality.


The yellow sapphire stone found in Rhodesia is normally colorless and yellow in color. However, the quality of the yellow sapphire stone is low compared with another origin yellow sapphire stone.

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Diamond is one of the most lucrative and appealing gemstones that is being affiliated with the dominant planet, Venus. This beautiful gemstone is found in the following countries.

Diamond stone

South Africa:

South Africa is regarded as being one of the main countries that produce diamond stone. According to estimation, that 80% of the diamond mines being located in the region, South Africa. The quality of the diamond stone which is found in South Africa is extremely exceptional.


In this country, the diamond stone is located near the banks of dry veteran rivers. Sombull forest is regarded as the main source of diamond in Rhodesia. Along with diamond, Blue sapphire and yellow sapphire stones have also been discovered in this forest.

South America:

In South America, especially in Gayana the best quality diamond stone is found. The stones found here are generally large in size, for example, 10 carats, 15 carats.


In India, Diamond is mainly spotted in Madhya Pardesh panna city. Apart from this, diamond is also spotted in Heera Charbari, Kogi, and Golkunda of south India. The minor mines of diamonds are also found in Anantpur, Belpalli, Kadappaa, Guntoor, Pollipatt, Ratanpur, Gurupur and Competta.

Origins of Hessonite Garnet or Gomed Stone:

The Hessonite gemstone is attached to vengeful planet Rahu which indicates or signifies prosperity, luck, fortune, desires, health, intellect, wisdom. This gemstone resembles the honey color or likes cow urine. Let’s see the origins of where hessonite gemstone is found.

Hessonite Gemstone
Hessonite Gemstone

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is the primary region from where the finest quality “Gomedh” stone is found especially from the area of Matura. Sri Lankan hessonite stones are rich in quality and hugely popular among people.


Apart from Sri Lanka the hessonite stone is found from Austria. The quality of Austrian hessonite stone is also good. Precisely, in Austria South Wales “Muggy” is the place from where this stone is originated.


India is also one of the main producers of hessonite stone. In India, the hessonite stone is extracted mainly from the areas of Shimla, Kullu, Bihar, and Tamilnadu.


In Thailand, blue color hessonite stones are located as well as tawny or dusky color hessonite stones are also originated from this area.

Apart from this, countries like Russia and France is also the core producer of hessonite stone.

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Origins of Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia Stone:

This gemstone is associated with the spiteful planet Ketu that signifies wealth, fortune, accident, wisdom, intellect, prosperity, and luck. The potent stone originates from the following key areas.

Cats Eye Gemstone
Cats Eye Gemstone

Sri Lanka:

The cats eye gemstone alike yellow sapphire gemstone is extracted from the mines of pagmatite, Granite etc.. The quality of Sri Lankan cat eye gemstone is top notch and it is hugely popular among the entire world.


The cat eye stone found in the region of Burma is acknowledged to be the best quality stone. In Burma, cat eye stone is extracted precisely from the mines of Mogok.

Except for Sri Lanka, this gemstone is originated from countries like Brazil, China, and Burma.

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Origins of Red Coral or Moonga Gemstone:

The red coral gemstone represents the planet Mars that signifies physical strength, courage, health, anger, cruelty, wisdom and enthusiasm. This red color stone basically originated from the following countries:

Red Coral Gemstone
Red Coral Gemstone


Though the precious red coral stone is found all around the world, But coral from Italy has been the top coral trading center for over 200 years, processing nearly 75% of the entire world’s supply of coral stones. Italian (Sardinian) Corals are considered to be the finest. Other countries like Japan, Taiwan, Australia also produce Corals.

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Origins of Ruby  or Manik Gemstone:

This gemstone belongs to substantial planet Sun which signifies fortune, prosperity, wealth, health and communication. Ruby gemstone is found in different parts of the world.

Natural Ruby Stone
Natural Ruby Stone

Burmese Ruby:

The ruby that is originated from Burma spots dark red color. Additionally, the finest quality of ruby gemstone is found in the Mogul that situates in north Burma. The architecture of the ruby stone spotted here is like the leaves of rose which is dark red in color.

Sri Lankan Ruby:

Except for Burmese Ruby, this gemstone is being spotted in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, the ruby gemstone is largely mined from Ratanpur. However, the luster of the ruby or Manik stone spotted here is low in comparison with Burmese Ruby. Besides this, the color of the stone contains minor yellowness that degrades the quality of the stone.

Thailand Ruby Gemstone:

Except for Burma and Sri Lankan, the ruby stone will be found in the Thailand region. The quality of the ruby stone that is found in Thailand is better in comparison with other area mined ruby stone.

The quality of Thailand ruby stone is deduced from the fact that even Burmese ruby stone looks dull in front of Thailand ruby stone. In Thailand, ruby stone is extracted or mined from the mines of Bangkok.


India is also famous for producing high-quality ruby gemstone. In India, specifically from Rajasthan, the high-quality ruby gemstone is mined.


Kabul is another region in the world from where ruby gemstone is mined in large quantity. The quality of the ruby stone found in Kabul is fine and this region is also famous for supplying a large quantity of ruby stones.

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Origins of Blue Sapphire or Neelam Gemstone:

Blue Sapphire is associated with the dominant planet Saturn. As per astrology, the blue color gemstone is regarded as being one of the most influential gemstones.

Since the stone is attached to the planet Saturn that is being rewarded with the status of the fastest acting planet in the solar panel. This blue color gemstone is spotted in various parts of the world in larger quantity. Thus, today, we will discuss what are the different origins of the blue sapphire stone?

Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire

Origins of Blue Sapphire Stone: the blue sapphire stone is spotted in large quantity in different parts of the world.


India is acknowledged to be one of the top producers of blue sapphire stone. In India, the blue sapphire or Neelam stone in Hindi is largely found in the region of Kashmir. The Kashmiri Neelam or blue sapphire is considered being high-quality blue sapphire stone.

Moreover, the other name of Kashmir blue sapphire is Mayur Neelam because of the color of the stone resemblance like peacock neck. This stone is extracted from the mines of Khoomnaan which is the nearby location from Kashmir. Except, Kashmir and the blue sapphire stones are also spotted in the district Salem of South India.


Another country from where the blue sapphire stone is mined in large quantity is Russia. However, the quality of the blue sapphire stone spotted in Russia is bad or not worthy.

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka or Ceylon blue sapphire is acknowledged to be the best quality gemstone and they are mined in large quantity here. In Sri Lanka, different types of blue sapphire stones are found.

The specific locations like Ratanpur, Rakbaana, Gaunda are the main locations from where the rich quantity of blue sapphire stone is found.


The Burmese Neelam or blue sapphire looks adorable and it is very easy to cut the Burmese blue sapphire stone.


Montana is the primary location in America from where this stone is mined. The stone mined here possess an excellent luster and scintillate that can’t be ignored.


The Queensland and New South are the primary places in Australia, where blue sapphire stones are mined. The stones that are mined in Australia are dark in color and high in quality.

So these are the different origins of nine gemstones. Ideally, a person should wear only high-quality natural gemstone to attain all the pleasing results that are being offered by these nine planets.


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