Why Ruby is Regarded As Most Favorite Gemstone?

Ruby gemstone (Manik Ratna) is one of the best looking and fascinating gemstone due to its enticing color, cut and physical properties.

Over the years, due to its compelling features, the red color stone has emerged as one of the most desirable gemstones in the gem market.

Gem lovers scattered all around the world please to wear a ruby stone as rings, necklace, and pendants. The intriguing gem ruby with its astounding properties sometimes surpasses the value of a diamond.

This precious piece of ruby gemstone collected from the different parts of the world such as Burma, Sri Lanka, USA, Brazil, etc. However, Burmese ruby gemstones are popular to be the best looking ruby stone.

Besides, Burmese ruby, which is classified as the high-quality ruby stone, Indian rubies have also been ranked higher due to its captivating color and rich physical properties.

Although ruby gemstone accumulates from the different parts of India yet. Kashmir ruby emerges as the winner among them due to its effective properties and intense color.

Now the point is that why ruby is considered being a most desirable gemstone? Now, it is not appropriate to quote that ruby is the most desirable gemstone. Because there is another precious gemstone too which look pretty amazing and enticing.

Astrological Gemstones :

Stones like ruby, emerald, sapphire all these minerals are quite in demand nowadays due to their rich physical and astrological properties.

Emeralds, ruby, and sapphire they all inherit from the same mineral sapphire. And, it is famous about sapphires that they possess excellent physical and astrological properties. Which cumulatively make this stand forth among all other minerals or gems.

Since, ruby, emerald, and yellow sapphire they all belong to sapphire, but why they display different colors to the world? The reason behind this phenomenon is that ruby display different color due to the presence of chemical aluminum that bestows its distinct red color.

Similarly, stones like yellow sapphire and blue sapphire exhibit different color due to the presence of specific elements. Which allows them to display different colors.


Ruby is being classified as being the favorite gemstone due to its rising demand and popularity among the gem lovers. This valuable gemstone can wear by people in the form of an engagement ring, necklace, and pendants for centuries.

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