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Which Zodiac Ascendant Should Wear Blue Sapphire

Which Zodiac Ascendant Should Wear Blue Sapphire
Which Zodiac Ascendant Should Wear Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is considered a precious gemstone and in India, it is popularly known as the Neelam. This stone is the birthstone of the September month and its name is take from the Latin word “Saphirus” which means blue. This stone was regarded as a holy stone by the catholic church and the ancient Persians whose belief was that the sky’s blue color is due to the Blue sapphire color.

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This gemstone belongs to the mineral corundum variety and chemically it has aluminum oxide. It is the 2nd hardest mineral after diamond, having a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Blue Sapphire is found only in few places in the world and the most famous of them are found in India, mainly in Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. but the finest quality blue sapphire is found in Sri Lanka.

   neelam stone-9gem          neelam stone-9gem

   Blue sapphire-9gem         blue sapphire gemstone-9Gem

Saturn‘s General Characteristics.

Among the nine planets in the universe, Saturn is the 2nd largest planet of the solar system and it is the sixth planet from the sun. Saturn derived from the English word “Saturday “and in Greek mythology, it was the Roman name for the lord of Titan, Cronus.

This planet is the farthest away from the earth and is the most extraordinary among all planets. It is the 2nd largest planet after Jupiter and consists mainly of hydrogen and helium gas.

In astrology, Saturn, also known as ‘Shani’ is the slowest moving planet in space but has quite strong effects on a person horoscope. It gives both good as well as bad effect based on its compatibility to the birth charts.

Presentation is teh First Key of Success
Presentation is teh First Key of Success

If Saturn is beneficial towards a person, that person may become a great scholar with a good command over the language. Saturn is capable of providing immense wealth and at the same time can also cause wealth to disappear if it turns malefic.

The people whom Saturn favors have high possibilities of engaging in the trade of machinery, furnace, leather, cement, wood, iron, oil, transport, astrology and rubber.

When Saturn turns malefic, the person who has it in his birth chart has to face a lot of struggles in life. He may suffer from diseases related to stomach. There are high chances that he may also lose prosperity or fall prey to detention.

As per Vedic astrology, the blue sapphire gemstone is connected to Saturn planet. Care should be taken to ensure that the Blue Sapphire quality is certified by the astrologer as any flaws in the gemstone can lead to fates, health problems and fall from grace.

Natural Certified Blue Sapphire neelam
Natural Certified Blue Sapphire neelam

What to do in case Saturn is Harmful?

A lot of people scares of the Saturn or Shani. If the Saturn or Shani is weak or malefic, then that person will have various types of obstacles in his life apart from having physical illnesses like numbness in the limbs, frail eyesight, and insecurity and inferiority feelings.

Saturn is a karmic planet and its periods will make or break an individual’s life. The Sade Sati or Saturn cycle which consist of 3 Phases over a period of 7.5 years can be a defining phase in an individual’s life.

As per Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the Lord of Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs. It provides beneficial results when placed in Libra and becomes weak and shows some malefic results when placed in Aries.

There are many corrective procedures for getting rid of the malefic influence of the Saturn. The Tone and Tote, Rudra’s, Yantra, Mantra, and Gemstone are part of the remedial measures. Among the gemstone blue sapphire or Neelam is highly popular among the people.



However, not all zodiac signs are compatible with the Neelam gemstones. Some of which can use the blue sapphire for the beneficial effect are:

Taurus Ascendant

Planet Saturn is the ruler of the ninth and tenth house which is the most advantageous planet for this native zodiac sign. Hence, wearing a Neelam stone can be extremely beneficial for this zodiac sign. It brings success in the profession, career, and business. If Saturn is afflicted by Mars, Rahu, and Ketu, wearing blue sapphire gemstone can neutralize the negativity.

Gemini Ascendant

Since the planet Saturn rules over the ninth house for the Gemini ascendant, it measured as a positive planet and hence blue sapphire is effective for the Gemini ascendant. It  brings wealth, substantial pleasure, relationship with the father, mystical achievement and a strong provision of nature.

Virgo Ascendant

Saturn is the lord of the 5th and 6th house and it is a useful planet for the Virgo ruling. Blue Sapphire, when used by the native of this zodiac sign helps to improve brain power, memory, and intellect.

Libra Ascendant

Planet Saturn as a lord of the fourth and fifth house. Thus, wearing blue sapphire can be extremely advantageous for education, acumen. It also provides the native good house, friend circle, happiness, and material accomplishment.

Capricorn Ascendant

The Blue Sapphire is a highly valuable gemstone for the Capricorn zodiac sign native. The Saturn rules 2nd house in the natal chart. Wearing blue sapphire can advance well-being, personality, courage, power, familiarity, wealth and general well-being. Similarly, helpful to improve social standing, name, and fame.

Aquarius Ascendant

Blue sapphire gemstone highly recommended for the Aquarius sign. The planet Saturn owns the Aquarius ascendant and 12th house. It is helpful when the planet Saturn is frail, aggrieved by Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and Sun. So, the wearer can get constructive results in matters of health, wealth, personality, command and courage.


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