What is Difference Between Yellow Sapphire And Topaz Gemstone?

difference between yellow sapphire and Topaz gemstoneYellow sapphire and topaz, both are precious gemstones and highly appreciated for their delicate colors and intriguing qualities. Due to their rich set of features, people highly appreciate wearing this gemstone.

However, due to their same physical appearance arises the confusion among people that whether these stones are same or different. Thus, to understand the difference between yellow sapphire and topaz read the following.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

First of all, we will discuss the yellow sapphire gemstone. The preeminent yellow sapphire belongs to the corundum family.

The hardness of the stone is 9.0 on the Mohs scale which makes this gemstone one of the toughest gemstone among all gemstones. The highest quality yellow sapphire stones found from Sri Lanka, Japan, Tasmania, England.

Yellow Sapphire is immensely popular among people all around the world due to it is rare color and physical characteristics. Generally, people just adore wearing yellow sapphire as an engagement ring, necklace and in another form of jewelry. Apart from its enduring physical characteristics the above gemstone also attains excellent astrological features.

It is being said as per Indian mythology that yellow sapphire gemstone or Pukhraj stone affiliated with the coercive planet Jupiter, which signifies wealth, fortune, luck, and happiness. Thus, by wearing this gemstone a person qualifies to attain all auspicious results advertised by the planet Jupiter.

Topaz Gemstone:

Topaz Gemstone appears quite identical to yellow sapphire or Pukhraj by the reason of that little gem seller sells topaz in the place of the yellow sapphire gemstone.

However, in comparison to yellow sapphire, topaz is not that much rare and valuable gemstone. However, it is rich in offering different varieties of colors ranging from red, yellow, blue and pink.

Whereas initially, a topaz gemstone is colorless nonetheless, it exhibits different colors when a different quantity of impurities is being added to the gemstone topaz.

Majorly, the yellow color topaz displays the rich amount of yellow color in comparison to yellow sapphire that displays light yellow color. The topaz stone found abundantly on earth, but yellow sapphire does not find that much quantity.

Topaz Gemstone 6.70 Carats

Difference Between Yellow Sapphire And Topaz Gemstone

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