Some Old And Interesting Myths Related To Beautiful Gemstones

Some Old And Interesting Myths Related To Beautiful Gemstones
Some Old And Interesting Myths Related To Beautiful Gemstones

Gemstones have always fascinate humanity since the earliest of times and it is quite easy to see why. The otherworldly color, allure and brightness of gemstones have always capture our imaginations and this has led to the birth of different kinds of legends, myths and folklore surrounding them.

So let’s have a look at some of the fascinating tales surrounding these gemstones that have mesmerize people for hundreds and thousands of years.

Onyx Gemstones

The Onyx gem has been made from the body of Venus who is the celestial goddess of Love.
Various legends narrate how Cupid clip her divine fingernails using his arrows as she was sleeping.

Onyx Gemstone

The Gods then turn these nail clippings into vibrant stones so that these heavenly elements do not perish. This led to the creation of Onyx.

Emerald Gemstones

Emerald Gemstone

There are rabbinic legends that claim King Solomon grant four precious stones by God, which present him with power and dominion over all of the creation. Among these stones, one of them was definitely the emerald. Emerald gemstone is also believe to provide people with the power to see the future and also stay protect from negativity.

Opal Gems

Opal stone has a great importance in the Aboriginal legends. In Aboriginal folklore, the Dream time is an ancient spiritual world that has been created by the heavenly spirits.

Opal Gemstone

The Aboriginals believe that the creator of the spiritual world of the Dream time once visited this planet on a rainbow and communicate his hope for eternal tranquility and peace to mankind after which he went back to heaven.

However, the rock on which he stood absorb the colors associate with the rainbow and transform itself into a striking opal.

Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarines were believe to be present in the treasure chests of the legendary mermaids.

Sailors of antiquity wore aquamarines to ensure good luck and a safe voyage across turbulent seas. Aquamarines associated with victory in battles.

Amethyst Stones

The Amethyst stone crafted from Dionysus’ tears. Dionysus was the legendary god of wine in the Greek pantheon of gods.

Amethyst Gemstone

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus once tried to murder Amethyst, a young maiden under a spell of rage using his two tigers.

However, Amethyst eventually saved by the Moon goddess Diana, and she turned her into a bring statue of clear quartz.

As Dionysus realized what he was about to do, he felt strong remorse and cried. His tears of wine fell over the quartz statue and led to the birth of amethyst.


Diamond Gems


Legends claim that Chronos, the Greek God of time transformed a young man known as Adamas into a beautiful stone.

Such a change made Adamas extremely strong. Adamas stone brings love between the married couples and also healed reactions of poison.

Eventually, Adamas came to be know as diamond in the following years. ‘Adamas’ means ‘invincible’ in the Greek language.

Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphire Gemstone

Numerous ancient civilizations held the belief that the world is placed on a huge sapphire and its reflection made the sky look blue.

Sapphire is also considered to be an antidote against poisoning. Many people have the idea that when a poisonous snake keeps in a sapphire vessel, it is certainly going to die.


Peridot Stone

Paridot Gemstone

Peridot is one of those gems that have been classically associated with various myths over the years.Many people believe that while spotting a peridot during the daytime is not easy, these gemstones can be found easily at night by using a lamp.

This is one of the reasons that led to the practice of mining peridots after sunset. Romans called this stone the “evening emerald” for this reason.

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