Should I Wear Red Coral And Yellow Sapphire Together?


Every person get effects by the cosmic energy of the planets in the solar system. The planetary positions affect both physical and mental health, social status, financial prospects, profession or business, marital relationships, children, and human relationships.

Gemstones which absorbs the energy of these planets in certain ways helps in having a positive effects on the person’s lives when used correctly. While there are nine planets in the solar system, there are more than 200 types of gemstones available today.

Depending upon the zodiac sign and his ruling planets, suitable gemstones prescribe for overcoming obstacles, problems for that person.

Certain gemstones can wear on its own for certain benefits and sometimes more than one gemstone can use in combination also. As per Vedic astrology, red coral and yellow sapphire blends perfectly and is used as an effective combination.

In this topic, we will discuss the combined use of the Coral and the yellow sapphire gemstone.

Coral Gemstone

The red coral gemstone, also known as Moonga, is relates to the planet Mars. Mars is the planet of warfare and leader of the armies of the god. The red coral is the mirror image of mars. It is useful in reducing obstacles by the malefic position of Mars. Red coral provides energy to the person wearing it and thus helping in bringing success, power and victory over adversaries.

Astrologers recommend the coral gemstones to the person who is in administrative services, government jobs and those who are actively involve in social and political activities.

Apart from providing self-confidence and increasing administrative capabilities, it has also other medical benefits. By wearing a coral stone in a gold ring or pendant many diseases like an impurity in blood and different types of fevers can cure.

Best quality red coral stone is found in Italy followed by Japan and China. However, the Japanese variety comes in adornments business.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

This gemstone is also famous as the Pukhraj Stone and linked to the planet Jupiter. According to Hindu scriptures,this is the most auspicious among all gemstones.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone are many. It enhances one’s career and quite beneficial for all professionals like lawyers, teachers, academicians, writers, traders, and businessmen.

Any person who wears a yellow sapphire gets wealth, prosperity, honor, fame and success in abundance.

The yellow sapphire gemstone provides a blissful marriage and it is also beneficial for young women having obstacles in marriage or to those who desire for a son.

It brings tremendous wealth, name, fame and honor to the wearer of this stone.


The red coral and the yellow sapphire gemstone can use together by anyone having Mars and Jupiter as his ruling planet, and they also happen to be in the same house in conjunction.

One can wear the red coral and yellow sapphire gemstone together in a single pendant in 18k gold or copper preferably, though silver can also be used.

The coral gemstone should wear in the ring finger and the yellow sapphire in the index finger.

People born under the Aries and Scorpio sign use Yellow Sapphire and Coral gemstone together.

Finally, these two gemstones can wear together only after consulting an astrologer.


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