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Secrets About Precious Gemstone – Sapphire


The Stone of the Stones’, as many would call a sapphire, brings with it absolute peace, happiness, and enlightenment for the wearer to enjoy evermore.

Today, when this elegant gemstone has become a symbol of love, romance, and royalty, there is a lot that you must know about it. After all, it hides many secrets underneath its beauty and magnificence!

Keep reading as this article is about to reveal some of the deepest secrets of the beautiful sapphire gemstone.

Sapphires Stones & the Secrets of Color

If there is one thing that is sure to make everyone fall in love with a sapphire, then it has to be nothing else but its stunning color. The color of this gorgeous stone has a high impact on its value.

In the world of sapphires, the violet-blue sapphire gemstone is said to be the best and the most valuable gemstone of them all.

Apart from the blue ones, the yellow sapphire and other colors are also high in demand. They have adorned several jewelry collections with their elan and sheer exquisiteness.

Stones that are lighter in shades are not very expensive, but as the color gets darker, the prices increase. Thus, dark blue sapphire is considered highly special, because of their opulence, they are highly priced.

However, it is important to note that the dark-blue sapphires are not that rare. They are sourced from several countries including Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The origin of a gemstone also plays an important role in determining its actual worth, so let’s take a look at the geographical secrets of precious sapphires.

The Secrets of Sapphire’s Characteristics

A Corundum variety, sapphires rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that it is stronger and harder than all of the gemstones, except, of course, our another all-time favorite gemstone – diamond!

With a hardness so brilliant, the sapphire becomes a durable and great product can wear every day. So, those who have been finding it tough to keep their eyes off their sapphire jewelry and were worrying about losing its richness if worn regularly, they simply don’t have to fret.

Being highly robust in nature, the sapphires are long-lasting. Just wear them whenever you want and keep shining.

Secrets of Sapphires and Some of their Sources

Kashmir Sapphires

Whenever you discuss sapphires, a mention of Kashmir sapphires will definitely be there. And why not? After all the sapphires belonging to Kashmir, India is the most valuable in the whole wide world.

Found in some of the remotest settings of the mountain regions, a gemstone from Kashmir is the best quality blue sapphire gemstone ever.

But as gorgeous as they are, these Kashmir sapphire sources have depleted now and found a rare one is highly unlikely in today’s time.

Sri Lankan Sapphires

Earlier also called the Ceylon Sapphires, the Sri Lankan Sapphires are some of the most sought-after gemstones across the globe.

Being the proud bearers of immaculate radiance, these sapphires range from a light-medium blue color to a deep blue color.


Australian Sapphires

Another amazing variety of sapphires, the Australian sapphires are for their beauty and incredible hues.

From a velvety blue to greenish-blue, and a soft beaming light yellow, the sapphires from Australia make a great choice for those who are looking for some good options for studs and pendants.

So, what are you waiting for? You know a lot of secrets about the stunning sapphires, so you can better judge their quality and true worth.

Whether you need a spectacular sapphire because it is the birthstone for September or just to add it to your collection of gemstones and precious jewelry, get the best quality sapphires keeping the above-mentioned secrets in mind and let their beauty speak volumes about your taste.

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