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Ruby Gemstones For Relationship Building

Gem therapy is an important way to take your life, health, and relationships in a positive direction. From time immemorial, gemstones have been used by the human race to attract love and romance in their lives. One of the nine precious gemstones used in Vedic Astrology is Ruby or Manik gemstone, the gemstone of the central point of the solar system, the Sun. The fact that it is related to the Sun is enough to reinstate the importance of Ruby in the gemstone kingdom.

Ruby gemstone of love and passion, as is implied by its bright red color, which has always been associated with these qualities in human nature. Therefore, this charismatic gemstone ruby can have a strong influence on your relationships of love as well as marriage.

A potent ruby gemstone should be worn on the basis of its suitability for a native, which you can have checked with will a learned astrologer examine your horoscope.

Astrological Planet Sun & Personal Relationships

The Sun is the center of the solar chart as well as the soul of the universe. It is an extremely powerful planet, which represents authority, power, royalty, and courage. It signifies the basic identity or the self of an individual, which means that a positive Sun indicates positive traits in a native.

However, if the Sun is in a malefic placement in the horoscope of the native, it makes him self-centered, vain and haughty, all of them posing the potential threat to his personal relationships. Pessimism and emotional disorders become a part of the life of such natives. The baneful influence of such an inauspicious placement of the Sun can be nullified by wearing a pure and lustrous ruby gemstone.

Ruby Gemstone (Manik) For Love & Romance


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    1. If you want good results, you need to wear a natural ruby gemstone certified by gem certification authority like GemLab Laboratories or GIA.

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