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Do Prices Of Gemstones Really Make Sense To You? Read This

Do Prices Of Gemstones Really Make Sense To You
Do Prices Of Gemstones Really Make Sense To You

Gemstones are alluring and mesmerizing due to these attributes of gemstones it is available at higher prices. Prices of precious blue sapphire or ruby gemstones convincingly is $200 or $500; on the other hand, amethyst that was a precious stone is nowadays available at $ 30 dollar per carat.

Although; gemstones are beautiful, but they don’t have the intrinsic value alike diamond. These divergences that persist while determining the price of gemstones often raise a question in the mind of the buyer and industry insiders that does gemstones prices really make sense?

A simple answer to this question would be the prices of the gemstones will be dependent upon the demand and supply. Let’s suppose if the supply of a gemstone is limited and a lot of people want to buy that gemstone, and then indubitably, the price of gemstone will go up.

On the other hand, if the demand of a gemstone is low and supply is tremendous, so, the price will consequently go down. However, this is not the right approach to determine the price of a gemstone.

To understand, the determination of price, let’s take a look at the way the diamond price is being fixed. In the 18th century, the diamond came in abundance quantity and its demand was shallow in comparison with its supply.

There was a glut of supply, but demand was in limit, so, its price went down drastically. In order to maintain the high price of the diamond, De Beers Cartel created, this organization. That was playing a towering role in determining the price of the diamond.

The cartel kept a check upon the supply, hence, whether the diamond was dug in large quantity.  Its ‘ supply was restrained up to a specific level so that diamond price did not dip down.

Apart from this, De Beers cartel did exemplary work to establish a diamond as an integral part of everyone’s life. To do so, it came up with a notion of “diamonds forever”, initially diamond was using only in Europe, but, diamond was in promotion as a symbol of true love, courtship, happiness, and camaraderie. Due to its commendable efforts diamond has now become the household name.

On the other hand, in the case of gemstones, there is no such cartel exist that controls the price of gemstones. However, there are some forces persist in the market that often exercises to control the price of gemstones.


For instance, you must have heard about the term ‘precious’ and ‘semi-precious’ gemstones; And precious stones are superior to semi-precious stone.

Therefore, precious stones are being sold at a higher price in comparison to semi-precious stones. As we know that precious stones are sapphires, rubies, and emerald.

But, did you know that the once amethyst stone also included in this list? So, why it removed from the list of precious stones? So, the answer is that amethyst stone came in the large amount from Brazil. It made this stone widely available.

Hence, this stone demoted from the list of precious gemstones. Because if amethyst was available at $ 5 and other stones was selling at higher prices then nobody would have purchased stones at such high price.

Thus, to sustain the high price and the value of precious stones, amethyst dropped from the list of precious stones.

Contrary to this, there is a few semi precious stones like alexandrite and Demantoid garnet can be more expensive than ruby and sapphire.

But despite these facts, ruby, emerald, and blue sapphire gemstone have retained their position in the gem market. In fact, these three precious stones are ruling the gem market due to their “charismatic and elegant appearance” which appeals to everyone.

According to ICGA, there is a new lot of new gemstones. Tanzanite, blue topaz, citrine, Tsavorite garnet stone’s popularity has been rising constantly. And these are being popular as “rising stars in the gem market”.

Along with these gemstones, there are few other stones such as zircon, moonstone, peridot, and Rhodolite attain good quality and attractive and these are being sold at a reasonable price. However, these stones are not in promotion heavily as precious stones.

Hence, going through the above factors make it quite clear that there are several factors that comprehensively affect in determining the price of gemstones. Demand and supply is a major factor in determining the price of stones.

And it keeps paramount importance, other than this, gemstones sellers and jewelers also greatly impacts while fixing the price of gemstones. For instance, if a gemstone is not popular as fashionable and not supplies in the market regularly so its price will be lower.

So, after reading all this stuff how do you find the best price stone. In the category of precious stones, there are still several good quality stones. These came from Myanmar, South Africa, Sri Lanka that justifies its skyrocket price.


Before concluding, we would like to add a point that buys only that stone that you love and admire; however, if you want to buy precious stones so go deeper. Find out the specification, color, treatments, and origin of the stone for a fair deal.

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