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How Onyx Gemstone is Helpful for Healing & Meditation?

Onyx is a unique gemstone. It is a variety of chalcedony which can find in different colors such as white, blue, green and black. Having an unusual appearance, this stone is not popularly can use for making jewelry.

However, the distinct stone possesses brilliant metaphysical and healing properties which all together help its wearer to get relief from several of health and mental disorders.

The semi precious gemstone is being ruled by the dominant planet Mercury and wearing onyx gemstone rings or in the form of the other accessories will carry enormous divine powers of the planet Mercury.

However, the precious gemstone emerald is ideally relates with the planet Mercury. Nonetheless, onyx gemstone proves to be the perfect alternative of precious gemstone emerald.


Onyx gemstone has been the accolade for containing numerous healing properties for thousand years. Since ancient times people used to wear this stone to get relief from the various physical and mental health-related issues.

Along with diagnosing the mental and physical health issues, since ancient times this gemstone has proved excellent weapon to ward-off against ill-spirits, witches, black magic, hoax, and possession.

Onyx Gemstone Healing And Meditation Properties:

In ancient Greece, people used to wear onyx gemstone rings, necklace to fight against bad spirits, witchcraft, magic and the black plague.

It was possible for the magician to use this powerful gemstone to stop devastation and make themselves invisible. Similar to Greece, in roman also had believed that wearing this stone had general protective powers.

However, it lost its reputation somewhere during the time period of middle age, during that period of time, it was considered to be bad gemstone which brought fear and gloominess. Nonetheless, with its effective characteristics gradually, this stone has again gained its lost reputation.

Even nowadays people pleased to wear onyx gemstone to avail its benevolent healing properties for both mind and soul.

Besides, by wearing as a healing stone, the attractive blue, black and white color make this stone as the best choice to wear as rings, necklace and pendants.

Onyx is the seventh anniversary stone. So, one can gift only gemstone rings, necklace, bracelet to their soul mate to lead a blissful married life ahead.

This stone imparts the vigor, self-confidence, self-esteem, and stamina. Moreover, wearing onyx banish sadness, gloom, stimulate the power of decision making and reasoning.

It encourages the happiness, prosperity, and wellness in one’s life. It is also beneficial for bone-marrow, blood-related diseases.


The onyx stone represents the base chakra and the heart chakra of an individual. Which conjointly improves the physical and mental health of an individual.

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